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Month: June 2013 / Life Rocks Foundation Story: Mark & Eric, Brothers United By Rock / Life Rocks Foundation Story: Mark & Eric, Brothers United By Rock

Any time my brother Eric Doyle and I have a chance to catch Bret Michaels in town we go. Bret always puts on a great show and we don’t mind driving a hand full of hours to see him. This time we drove from northern Kentucky to Indianapolis because Bret and his band were playing a show at the Indy 500 speedway where there was over 100,000 people . After Bret’s band performed another amazing set we got to meet him after the show. Bret is one of the coolest nicest and most down to earth rockers that you could ever want to meet . We can’t wait to see him again soon.

Mark Doyle and Eric Doyle

be51 / Life Rocks Foundation Story: Summer & Noah Find Inspiration / Life Rocks Foundation Story: Summer & Noah Find Inspiration

Dear Bret,

I am a single mom who had to put my life on hold to raise my 9 year old son who was
born with kidney damage. The doctors said he wasn’t supposed to survive. He is a
true miracle child. Noah had a kidney transplant 3 years ago at Cincinnati Childrens
hospital. It was touch and go for a while. I had used your music during some of my
darkest hours of not knowing how things would turn out with Noah. As Noah’s grown up, he has listened to me play your music and has became one of your youngest fans. Noah has a long road ahead of him with his health. Doctors said he will need another transplant in the future.

Noah was very surprised to have the chance to see you, his hero up at the Cleveland
Rib Burn off on Memorial Day. He was too shy to speak up. You have inspired us with
your music, and the struggles you been through. You have given alot to people. Noah
wants to help and be inspiration to other kids like himself who is going through the
same thing. As you did with the Diabetes Foundation and your charities.

Summer Morgan

IMG_1988 / Life Rocks Foundation Story: Sam meets Bret on the stoop / Life Rocks Foundation Story: Sam meets Bret on the stoop

Sam’s friend Cat Greenleaf invited Sam to come meet Bret recently when he was a
guest on her show, Talk Stoop. Sam has had type 1 diabetes since he was 21 months
old, he’s now a healthy, active, creative eight-year-old who’s learning to play
electric guitar. Bret and Sam talked about a number of things – school, music, and,
of course, living with diabetes. Sam showed Bret his continuous glucose monitor and
insulin pump. Bret and Sam, like all who live with type 1 diabetes every minute of
every day, know the challenges brought by this disease, and for Sam to meet adults
like Bret only further teaches him that diabetes is not an obstacle to achieving
success and fulfilling dreams. Bret also offered to send Sam to diabetes camp this summer!

Jon and Rachel Dickinson

photo / Life Rocks Foundation Story: Tess Attends Diabetes Camp, Becomes Role Model To Others / Life Rocks Foundation Story: Tess Attends Diabetes Camp, Becomes Role Model To Others

Tess Anderson was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes Labor Day 2008 at 8 years old. That didn’t break her spirit though. Instead she has been inspired to encourage others who also have diabetes. Diabetes doesn’t have to stop you from dreaming big as long as you take care of yourself first.

Tess is a cyclist, and just completed a 35 mile Tour de Cure ride for her local ADA.

Her, Team Tess has been a leading fundraiser for the 4 years since her diagnosis.
She was also the Northern Illinois Youth Ambassador for the ADA in 2011. Speaking at
many events. This spring she attended Call to Congress on Capitol Hill in March,
speaking as a Youth Action Council representative to legislators about issues
concerning those with diabetes.

When she is not racing Cyclocross , she is playing soccer or basketball. She is a force in motion. One of Tess’s favorite times of year is camp. This year, thanks to the Life Rocks Foundation and Bret Michaels, she will attend Camp Triangle D in July.
Camp is the one place where everyone is alike. The friendships she has made have
been her support system all year. Texting and calling on friends, in good and bad D
days. This year Tess has chosen to be an inspiration to the younger kids as a CIT at
a diabetes day camp as well. Coming full circle.

Thank you Bret!

2013-03-07 11.14.55

Tess and mom, Anne Marie at the Capitol

2013-06-09 13.44.04

Here is a pic of Tess and one of the little guys attending the day camp she will be a counselor in training. She is already his hero!


Picture of Tess at CXNationals / Life Rocks Foundation Story: Lisa’s Fight & The Gift Of Music / Life Rocks Foundation Story: Lisa’s Fight & The Gift Of Music

Dear Bret,

Words will never repay you for the music you give us . Fighting horrible diseases like mine late stage Lyme disease sometimes I want to throw in the towel . I almost did, but something to believe in came on and you gave me something to believe in myself to keep fighting . You have battled diabetes since 6 years old than 2010 all that happened to you so I push myself to get better and when I seen you at Mountieer on May 25th . I was so alive I danced and sang in the isle. I lived for the first time in 12 years. I don’t think you even grasp the number of lives you touch with your music or with what you do for others and how you help people in need. Meeting you was a life long dream, but it was more than that. I had to thank you personally for saving me through something to believe in and still today when I feel I can’t take it from this disease I turn you on my iTunes and listen and it brings me out of that dark place. I will one day sit down with you and tell you my whole story and what I have been through to get to where I am today hopefully soon. With this diseases of Lyme disease if you wake up to the sun shining its a wonderful day. I just lost another lyme friend to this disease because of no medical help . I know you are aware of Lyme disease being from PA and all and camping as a kid. It’s brutal what it does too you. I was once a hyper person that couldn’t sit still I’m no longer that person but I’m pushing myself in the last 3 years I push myself to do what I couldn’t before. I want you to know that you are my hero and saving grace . You keep going no matter what you are an inspiration to all that suffers diseases and conditions there are no cures for. Please take from our meeting at Mountieer you are making more of a differnce than any star out there not just with money donated or time spent but with the gift of music. Wish I could get to another concert this summer but the next Ohio one I can’t drive so I won’t be able to because I know if I was rocking out I would forget I’m sick like I did at Mountieer. Thank you for bring me alive in more ways than one and I pray that god will grant me more time and I see you play again soon and get to hug my hero again because you are my hero and millions of others hero. I hope u remember me and never forget the woman that cried thanking you because you are an angel that is here to help so many and you did me without even knowing you saved a life my life and my kids are grateful to you. One day I hope to sit and tell you my whole story that I had to cut down because there was so much more I have gone through but another time and another meeting much love and respect to you Bret, nothing but love for you.

Lisa Changet

image / Life Rocks Foundation Featured Story: Michelle Gives Thanks / Life Rocks Foundation Featured Story: Michelle Gives Thanks

I want to first and foremost thank Bret for all his years of making some
of the best rockin’ music of all time. I have been going to see him as frontman for
Poison since I was in high school.I have collected his CD’s, I have enough
merchandise that is priceless to me and have had the pleasure of meeting Bret. I
couldn’t be more proud of him, he is an inspiration to all who suffer in one way or
another.His platform to speak for those who can’t be heard, speaks volume on Bret’s
character. I litterly have seen him transform throught all these years for still
enjoying and rockin’ out crowds to visiting children in hospitals, sending prayers
to those afflicted by natural diasters and those who serve and protect us. He
deserves to be recognized for his kindness and taking time out of his schedule to
get awareness out and just to give a human being a hug and lending encouragement to those who truly are afraid and just need to told, I pray everything is going to be
ok for you and your family. I know first hand of a disease that can afflict a
healthy person, who has been active and one day, when usually it’s too late, you are
told, you will live with avascular necrosis the rest of your life. People in the
primes of their lives, are living in constant pain and can longer do the normal
simple things they once did. Usually a complete total hip replacement is the end
result, in our prime years, which will indeed lead to another when that new
apperatice needs replaced. I have this in both hips. So constant monitoring is
crutial. I know Bret is diabetic, but what’s important is awareness and management.
That’s what Bret does so well. May God bless him and I wish him continued success,
he’s my rock through music, and concerts, he helps ease the pain a bit to put the
biggest smile on my face, suffering with this horrible diasease. Every time I throw
in a CD or go see one of his shows. It’s my only happy time most days.Thanks Bret!


100_1483 / Life Rocks Foundation Story / Life Rocks Foundation Story

At age 27 I became a part of the Type 1 diabetic community. In 2004 I awoke in an ER
to an orderly checking my vitals. I was told that by text book definitions that I
should not be living. I survived DKA. Since then I have devoted every thing I do to
spreading awareness and helping newly diagnosed and informing the clueless about
Diabetes. From participating in the Annual JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes, becoming a
board member of the Nevada Diabetes Association, refusing to hide my diabetes and
proudly shooting up in public, to getting a diabetic alert tattoo. I know this has
worked as I attend an adult support meeting every month and have been told by
strangers that they used to hide their diabetes until they saw me in a local park or
restaurant testing and shooting up before eating. I have had complete strangers ask
if they can watch me test and give myself insulin and they ask a ton of questions.
All which I am glad to answer. Aferall, knowledge is power. I am lucky to be alive.
I worry that my son might develop diabetes as well. He has become a diabetic warrior
himself. He is becoming a professional cook and his creations are all about healthy,
balanced diabetic friendly food. He also advocates diabetes awareness and is a huge
support when I am feeling down. Thank you for what you do!

Laura Warren

295625_10200595852953365_1714452302_n Rocks Foundation Message Rocks Foundation Message

Our thoughts and prayers are with baby Treyden, his family and friends as he continues to fight for his life at St. Jude Children’s hospital. Children such as Treyden, Ava and Ronan are some of the reasons I fight so hard through the Life Rocks Foundation. The courage and strength of these children and their families is why I strive to make a difference.

– Bret Michaels

20130605-114535 Rocks Foundation Story Rocks Foundation Story

Hi my name is Laurie and I have a story about my nephew who has type 1
diabetes. I call him my nephew but he is actually my cousin Tara’s son but we are
very close. Justin was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes at the age of 7. He is now
14 and on an insulin pump. I admire his courage and strength for having to deal
with this terrible disease day in and out. I too suffer from type 2 diabetes and I
thank god every day that it is in control and I am only on pills for now. I admire
Justin’s parents for their strength and expectations to do anything and everything
they have to do to help find a cure. Every year we hold a yard sale for juvenile
diabetes and all the money goes towards the JDRF in Boston, Massachusetts. This
family has been through hell and back already. Justin’s mom Tara suffered through
lymphoma and underwent chemotherapy treatments and is now cancer free. Justin has
had some set backs being a teenager and has suffered some low blood sugars causing
him to have seizures. I can not imagine finding your child on the floor in the
middle of the night face down moaning and that is how his mom found him one night.
Justin spent some time at Children’s Hospital in Boston and got well. Just more
recent he suffered from another seizure with his mom and dad present in the kitchen.
Justin’s dad Roger was seconds away when he collapsed due to low blood sugar and
fell on the tile floor hitting the back of his head and his mom and dad watched him
helplessly as he had a seizure. I can not imagine what that would be like to watch.
He was once again rushed to the hospital where they ran tests and luckily his head
and neck were fine. They kept him in the hospital to bring sugar up and made sure
the head injury did not progress into something worst. The entire family holds
their breath when we hear news like this because we can only imagine what that must feel like being a parent or a sibling which he has an older sister and she witnessed the whole thing too and it was disturbing for her to see. I can only hope and pray for a cure so no family has to endure the pain and upset this horrible disease can cause. I thank you Bret for your strength and courage through all your troubling times. I admire your constant fight to help raise awareness for this disease. I have always admired you and an your talents and I now especially think you are an amazing human being for all you do for the people that need a voice. I personally thank you for using your platform as an artist to bring this to light in hopes that one day there will be a cure. On that day we have you to thank for using your voice and experience to help others along the way. I only wish their were more people like you. I have always been a fan and would love to thank you for rocking my world. Thanks for allowing me to share my story about one courageous boy whom I love very much.

Rock on, your the best,


905609_4698982158073_999976309_o Rocks Foundation Featured Story Rocks Foundation Featured Story

Life has blessed me with a wonderful family. My wife Starr has been my
rock for over 20 years now. We’ve been through some difficult times over the years
but she’s never given up on me. We have 4 incredible kids, Orion is 14 and starting
High School next year, they grow up fast. Caelum is our special boy. He 12 and was
diagnosed with Autism at age 5. He’s a great kid but has had many challenges in his
short life and has many more to follow. He’s currently in a clinical education
environment in Mechanicsburg, PA that he has thrived in. Phoenix, our youngest boy,
is wise beyond his years. He know just when to go give you a hug and tell you he
loves you and make everything go into perspective. Our little princess Lyra is a
fireball. She was born on the same day of the year as Phoenix, August 26, and has so
many of his traits. My wife’s mom, Sa, lives with us. She requires dialysis 5 days
a week due to complications from heart issues and diabetes. My wife being the
giving person she recieved training to due this in our home so her mother would be
more comfortable. She spends an average of 4 hours, 5 days a week dedicated to
taking care of her mothers medical needs. I’m Chris and I also suffer from
diabetes but haven’t had the complications of my mom in law. We have lived in
Carlisle, PA for about 6 year now. We are an average family and our lives revolve
our kids. Finances don’t allow for alot of things I would like to provide for my
family. The one source of entertainment that we have focused on is RVing. We
purchased a fixer upper travel trailer that is a work in progress. We head out to
campgrounds around PA as often as we can. It gives us all an escape into nature
that feeds the soul. We’re limited to a couple days due to the dialysis treatment
but make the best of it. The message I would like to convey to all is always focus
on family and make the best of the situation you have been dealt.

– Chris Smart

Smart Family