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The Unbroken single from Bret and co-written by Jorja Michaels is now available for download, to stream, and the video is now on YouTube!

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On a rare day off during his sold out 2014 tour, Michaels, NBC’s Celebrity Apprentice, winner during its highest rated season, brought his busses, band and crew to Pilger Nebraska to physically assist in the clean-up efforts in the wake of the destruction caused by the twin EF4 tornadoes that destroyed Pilger and several surrounding towns on June 16th 2014. Michaels along with his band and crew wasted no time jumping in with the community to move and clean up debris, Bret a life-long diabetic also took time to meet and talk with many of the residents and speak to the media with the intention of spreading awareness and encourage others to pitch in.

Prompted by the affects that the tragedy had on his sisters who live in the area, one which served at Offutt Air Force Base, Bret an avid philanthropist whose LIFE ROCKS foundation is instrumental in donating to Diabetes, Cancer, Veterans and Pets and many other charitable causes, was so affected by what he’d seen during his stop in Pilger on June 23rd, that he decided instantly to put on a mega concert in the area in hopes of raising thousands of dollars to aid in the relief of the devastation caused by June 16th 2014’s twin tornados.

Music Legend Bret Michaels now lives up to his promise and invites everyone to participate in rebuilding what has been lost, by attending this spectacular event on Sunday Aug 24th at the Devent Center in Norfolk Nebraska. Michaels will be bringing a huge stage show and performing all the Poison hits as well as his solo hits and music from his number one rated TV shows, including his new single A Beautiful Soul, which has over 4 million unique you tube views and debuted at number 2 in the new music charts earlier this year. Tickets are on sale now and are available through ETix ( Come help make a difference.

For more information visit


PINKTOBER coverage

PINKTOBER coverage

Last night, Bret Michaels helped the Hard Rock kick off PINKTOBER to raise awareness for breast cancer awareness.

Here are links to press and photos:

More to come!

For more information about PINKTOBER, visit


Flashback Friday Post:

Here is coverage from last year’s PINKTOBER kick off (2012)” / story: A daughter’s compassion makes a mother’s dream come true / story: A daughter’s compassion makes a mother’s dream come true


My name is Jessica Babcock. I am 16 years old and am writing in hopes you will help my moms dream come true. She is a HUGE Bret Michaels fan-she has seen him 6x all over the place including Tampa FL where she was in the frontrow!

I write because my mom is a young widow. My dad John died a few years ago from a massive heart attack, we found him collapsed in our bathroom where he hit his head. He was in good health and just passed a physical for his job. He had no health conditions. My mom has since raised my sister Belle (age 10 now) and I all alone. She has been my best friend and is the most patient understanding person. I developed severe PTSD after my dad’s death and have many Drs appts. My dad used to take my mom to Bret concerts!

Then shortly after his passing my cousin, my mom’s nephew PFC Michael Demarsico was killed in Afghanastan- (8/16/12) he was just 21. He stepped on an IED. My mom kept the family together – controlled the media and was the family rock. I know my dad is with Michael now. At the Bret Michaels concert the following weekend she cried through the entire set when Bret kept talking about our soldiers.

Through this all my mom has NEVER complained. I do hear her cry at night a lot, but she never shows it to anyone. My mom is a dance teacher and she just started a program for special ed children to dance! She just worked with a teen with MS – she choreographed a special dance from a chair – the entire audience was crying and on their feet. She gives to the community and kids- she also directs theater and works with children who can’t afford to participate and does it for free. My mom is amazing.

I would really like to make my mom’s dream come true and take her to a Bret Michaels concert. She NEVER does anything for herself it is always about my sister and I. This would put a smile on her face – even if just for 1 night.

Jessica Babcock



I don’t even know where to begin with thanking you and Bret for last night.
I had such an amazing time meeting Bret and enjoying the concert. Bret
seemed to really like my little one Belle right from the moment he saw her
while he was performing – he picked her right out while we were backstage.
She thought it was great he called her sweet baby and waved to her on stage
while we were on the side of the stage and then shook her hand. But of
course it was the after the show meet and greet that was just unbeatable.

People always say what you see on television is always fake, but not with
Bret, he is truly genuine and the conversation we had was sincere and just
overwhelming. I feel like a burden has been lifted off my shoulders. We talked about many things and my daughter captured some photos that are just amazing you can see the passion in his eyes to know he really means what he says. He talked to Jessie about her letter as well. He then told Belle she reminded her of Jorga! And gave her a special guitar pick from his pocket. She was so excited. He of course signed the photos we brought, which I had taken in Tampa Florida at Busch Gardens (which he loved and asked me to send to you. He signed my Bret Michaels Doll, drum stick (from Tampa) and show poster. He was just patient and kind.

Patrick- you have been outstanding dealing with my daughter and I during
this. You are to be commended. You have really made my dream come true. I
know you mentioned wanting to share some of this on the website, you do have
my permission to use what you would like. I am just so impressed with Bret,
you and his entire company and the level of professionalism. I have been
sharing it all over facebook (I have thousands of followers due to my dance
teaching and theater company so I am getting lots of comments and positive
likes!!!) I am attaching some photos of Bret with the girls and I from
last night!

Kristina Kennedy- Babcock



419640_10151307154780282_1817040676_n / Life Rocks Foundation Story: Mark & Eric, Brothers United By Rock / Life Rocks Foundation Story: Mark & Eric, Brothers United By Rock

Any time my brother Eric Doyle and I have a chance to catch Bret Michaels in town we go. Bret always puts on a great show and we don’t mind driving a hand full of hours to see him. This time we drove from northern Kentucky to Indianapolis because Bret and his band were playing a show at the Indy 500 speedway where there was over 100,000 people . After Bret’s band performed another amazing set we got to meet him after the show. Bret is one of the coolest nicest and most down to earth rockers that you could ever want to meet . We can’t wait to see him again soon.

Mark Doyle and Eric Doyle


How to Help Moore, Oklahoma

How to Help Moore, Oklahoma

There are many ways to help those in the path of the Tornado that hit Moore, Oklahoma – please click through the links for more information on how to help the victims, their pets and those helping to clean up the devastation.

From KFOR TV ( –

For lost and found pets –

Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone in the path of the tornado, the volunteers and  the first responders.



No Kid Hungry Campaign

No Kid Hungry Campaign

Hey all,

It’s team member Christine again with a short follow up to my blog from the other day about the causes I personally support.

Team No Kid Hungry and the No Kid Hungry campaign have designated today as recruiting day.

If you are interested in taking the pledge to end hunger in America, please visit: /

Share this message with anyone who wants to make a difference.

Also, our next Team Bret Michaels member to share their causes with you is Janna, look for her blog this month. Don’t forget you can learn about many of the causes that Bret supports right here on, as well as on and

Thank you!


Team Bret Michaels

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Most importantly for everything Bret Michaels:


NOTE: This is a cause supported personally by an individual team member or guest blogger. Causes and charities mentioned in these personal blogs may or may not receive direct help from Bret Michaels or the Life Rocks Foundation. Please conduct your own research before participating or donating to any cause or charity.

New features on TeamBretMichaels and more

New features on TeamBretMichaels and more

Hey everyone,

My name is Christine, PoisonCris to the longtime fans or CrissyPie to those who follow me on Twitter. As a member of Team BMB and Team Bret Michaels for the last fifteen years I have learned so much about Bret Michaels and the person he is.  He’s more than just a rock star, entertainer or just a businessman. He is all of those things combined and a whole lot more.

This site, is meant to focus on that more part. It’s about all the causes he supports and issues that he wants to raise awareness about. It’s about finding cures and connecting people with other people and being an inspiration for everyone. It’s also about promoting a healthy lifestyle, an active lifestyle and being an example of living life to the fullest.

The many causes Bret supports include diabetes, heart disease, childhood cancer, adult cancers, military charities and pet charities. There are, of course, many more organizations and causes that Bret Michaels and the Life Rocks Foundation have helped and will continue to help.  We get thousands of charity requests, big and small, every month. We can’t always participate or oblige every request. was created, in part, to help spread the word about those many charitable fundraisers and events, and we are working sharing the information with all of our readers.

Currently we share your stories of hope and encouragement, living life to the fullest and stories from some of the people that we have directly helped. The community calendar page will be debuting soon to share your activities and events surrounding causes such as diabetes, cancer, heart disease, autism, and other community events that promote health and wellness. Be sure to check back soon for more information on submitting your event†.

Another fun section of is for kids, camp counselors and teachers, and families to help us spread the messages and goals of Team Bret Michaels and the Bret Michaels Life Rocks Foundation. There’s a section called “Flat Bret” and you can print out Bret, cut him out and take him with you to camp, on vacation or even to walks and events for the causes you support. We’ll share your “Flat Bret” adventures with our readers. You can print it out and color it and the awareness bracelets to match your cause or event. Information about “Flat Bret” and submitting your photos is available at in the menu bar under “Flat Bret.”

Thank you all for reading the stories and sharing your stories so far at, we have many, many more stories to share and with your help we are working to build a site for everyone to not only share, but help make a difference in someone’s life.

On a personal note, aside from the causes listed above, there is one cause that means a whole lot to me personally and this time of year reinvigorates my desire to fight for this cause. April is Parkinson’s Awareness month. April has become a bittersweet month for me. Six years ago my Dad passed away. April is also my birthday month. My birthday is April 5 and in 2007 on April 20, my Dad passed away – hence the bittersweet feelings when my birthday rolls around mostly because the last email I got from my Dad was asking if I got my birthday care package. Not a day goes by that I don’t think about him. In his last years he dealt with increasing tremors due to Parkinson’s disease. It didn’t slow him down too much, finding ways of keeping busy with woodcrafting after he retired. He didn’t give up on living even as the disease progressed further. I wish a cure could have kept him here on earth, but I know that I can make a difference by raising awareness and hopefully helping to find a cure in the near future. With Parkinson’s there is much more than just taking medicine or getting check-ups, there is the care involved by family and loved ones, whose life is affected as well. My Mom was my Dad’s caregiver. She’s a role model, she’ always keeps moving and always has something going on.

In honor of my Dad I set up a Memorial Fund page at as one of the ways I am helping to find a cure and raise awareness. It’s my story to share with the world that someone I love and miss dearly was taken by a disease that I want cured. It’s my tribute to my Dad, and my Mom, too.

In addition to the National Parkinson’s Foundation, there is the Michael J Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research.  As with all causes there are a variety of charities to help fund research and help make a difference in the life of someone affected by Parkinson’s disease.

You can make a difference in the life of someone by sharing information and resources with everyone you know. No matter what your personal cause – diabetes, childhood cancer, Parkinson’s – the small part you can play in the big picture will make a difference.

There is one more cause that I support; it is the No Kid Hungry campaign. Ending childhood hunger in America is important to the future of this great nation and to ourselves. This campaign is an effort to make sure that no child goes without food and gets a healthy start in life. There are many ways to help and it includes going out to eat at participating restaurants in September or host a bake sale. Check out their web site for more ways that you can help.

Thank you all for sharing your stories, photos and inspiration with all of us at Team Bret Michaels. We are united in raising awareness, not matter what our personal cause may be.


For more information:

National Parkinson’s Foundation –

Herman M Ellis Jr. Memorial Page –

Michael J Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research –

No Kid Hungry –

Bret Michaels Life Rocks Foundation –

Team Bret Michaels –

Donate to the Life Rocks Foundation –


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†More information about the community calendar will be coming soon. We will review all submissions as best we can, however, it is up to you to verify the information we are passing along. Before donating to any cause you should be sure that it is legitimate and do your own research. As with all content, stories and information posted on, we are not offering advice or endorsing any person or event – just sharing information. Before participating or donating to any event/person, it is important that you do your own research to make sure that it meets your expectations and that it is a legitimate charity or cause.