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Month: August 2013 / Story: Kyle’s Awesome Support Team! / Story: Kyle’s Awesome Support Team!

I applaud Bret for all the work he does in fighting diabetes. My 13 year old grandson has had Type 1 for about 9 years now, fights everyday to stay alive, and we pray for the cure to come as soon as possible. He has a pump but still has many highs and lows. He has had seizures, hypoglocemia, and has had an opportunity to go to a diabetes camp, once, in New York State. It is a 24/7 job for him and his parents. We wish more people would pitch in and help this horrible disease, especially for kids. Picture of Kyle in New York City on spring break, that Grandma treated him to.


20130830-112941.jpg / Story: Courtney Returns From Diabetes Summer Camp / Story: Courtney Returns From Diabetes Summer Camp

Hello Bret,

I am home from Camp Needlepoint and wanted to share a few pictures with
you and tell you some of the things we did. The first thing we did when I got to camp was played a game to get to know each other. It was lots of fun because I had a new group of roomies this year that I did not know. We did archery, horseback riding, swimming,
volleyball, tennis and had great bedtime snacks.

I had fun spending the week with so many other diabetics and look forward
to going again next year. Thank you so much for sending me these past 2
years. I took a picture of my camp shirt and you will see the slogan this
year was “Because a WEEK can change your ENTIRE life” and boy is that true!

Thanks again Bret and the Life Rocks Foundation!

Until next summer,
Courtney ūüôā

20130827-082625.jpg / Story: Makayla Returns From Diabetes Summer Camp / Story: Makayla Returns From Diabetes Summer Camp

Dear Bret,

This was my 6th year of going to camp at camp Aldersgate where I had an amazing time!¬†This year at camp my goal was to insert my own pump site and my mom was thrilled when she¬†came to pick me up and I had done it all week! I know at camp I can be myself and¬†no one judges me, we are all the same! I plan to become a counselor after my last¬†year of camp, I want to be able to give back what others have gave to me when I was¬†six and so scared! Recently a friend at school had been diagnosed with type one¬†diabetes and mom and I reached out to help them, it’s amazing to be able to give¬†advice and help others! I have to say thanks to my dad, you and my mom. I was
taught to give to others the amazing gift of hope! My journey began years ago when
it was just my mom saying “oh i don’t know about letting her go”¬†lol, but I thank god for her allowing me to express who i am now and the life rocks¬†foundation being created to help kids like me! See ya next year!


photo (13) / Story: Mom Rocks Her Chemo / Story: Mom Rocks Her Chemo

Today was my Mom’s 4th chemo treatment in her battle against breast cancer, she has 12 more treatments and 6 weeks of radiation left to go. Today as she finished her last “hard” chemo she said I wish this was a reality show and Bret michaels would show up to “Rock My Chemo”. Thought it was cute and funny and just had to share.



Bret Michaels Signature 2013 Chance Toy Returns to PetSmart

Bret Michaels Signature 2013 Chance Toy Returns to PetSmart


Bret Michaels 2013 signature Chance Doll from the PetSmart Luv-A-Pet Collection.
Bret Michaels 2013 signature Chance Toy from the PetSmart Luv-A-Pet Collection.

AUGUST 21, 2013 (Phoenix, AZ) – Pet lover, rock and reality TV superstar Bret Michaels and PetSmart team up to bring back the Bret Michaels signature Chance toy in support of PetSmart charities for a second year. The toy received such an amazing response when introduced last year, so Chance is making a special appearance in advance of the holiday season.

Chance dolls are for people and pets, making an excellent gift for the Bret Michaels fan or pet lover in your family. Each toy purchased benefits PetSmart Charities efforts to save homeless pets throughout North America. Chance is one of the many offerings of the Luv-A-Pet collection, from which 10% of each purchase goes to PetSmart Charities.

The 2013 signature Bret Michaels Chance toy is available exclusively through PetSmart stores and online at

The Luv-A-Pet collection has raised more than $3 million dollars for PetSmart Charities since 2009. PetSmart Charities saves the lives of more pets than any other charitable organization. Since 1994, the PetSmart Charities Adoption Centers located inside every PetSmart store has adopted out more than 5.4 million pets.

For more information about the Luv-A-Pet collection and PetSmart Charities, or to purchase a Bret Michaels signature Chance toy, visit

Bret Michaels, an animal lover, has partnered with PetSmart since 2012 with the Bret Michaels Pets Rock Collection of dog and cat supplies. The Bret Michaels Pet Collection continues to be a highly popular product line for pet owners and Bret Michaels fans throughout North America.

Michaels has made appearances at select PetSmarts throughout the U.S. and more are planned throughout the remainder of his record-breaking 2013 Life Rocks tour. PetSmart store appearances have all sold out within hours after being announced. More information about future appearances will be posted on Michaels’ official web site¬†, as they become available.¬† The official web site has information about tour dates and more as well.

Michaels is currently on tour and can also be seen on Travel Channel’s¬†Rock My RV with Bret Michaels¬†reality show on Sundays at 10 PM ET. For more information about everything Bret Michaels, visit¬†

For more information about the Bret Michaels Life Rocks Foundation, Michaels’ charitable organization, which benefits a myriad of causes, visit¬†¬†and¬† / Story: Colton Bikes To Beat Diabetes / Story: Colton Bikes To Beat Diabetes

Colton Nelson was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes three years ago on 8/23/13. He was 12 years old at the time. Every year since, he has been involved in raising money for JDRF for research to find a cure. The first three years he has done the JDRF Walk for a Cure, but this year he stepped it up a notch. A very BIG notch.

This year he participated in the JDRF 100 mile Bike for a Cure that was held in LaCrosse, WI. Colton and two of his cousins successfully completed the 100 miles without any problems. It was a challenge in many ways, as besides riding the 100 miles on a bike, Colton had to manage his blood sugar numbers throughout the ride. He started out with a blood sugar of 350 and had numbers all the way down to 120 throughout the ride. He managed it well, tested lots, and replenished his body when he needed too. That is alot for a 15 year old to think about when riding 100 miles on a bike.

His whole family is extremely proud of all of his accomplishments throughout the years. The bike ride has him hooked and he’s already planning on riding again next year. He has started recruiting for more riders (especially his diabetes camp friends) and is searching for a new road bike. It will be lots of fun with hopefully many new riders next year.

We have included a picture of him and his cousins finishing the 100 mile ride. Way to go!!!

Shelly Nelson

20130821-185245.jpg / Story: Jacob Gives Camp A 10 Rating / Story: Jacob Gives Camp A 10 Rating

My son, Jacob, just finished his first week ever at diabetes camp (Camp Daypoint in Hudson, WI), thanks to Bret and everyone at the Bret Michaels Life Rocks Foundation. When asked to rank his experience on a scale of 1-10, he gave it a 10 without hesitation. I think it is fabulous that you guys are giving this opportunity to these kids. Thank you so much! I’m attaching a picture I took tonight at camp when we went to pick him up.

Thanks again!!

Jen Smith

20130817-124624.jpg / Story: Sophie Becomes Camp Counselor! / Story: Sophie Becomes Camp Counselor!

After Bret sent my daughter, Sophie (Johnson) to diabetes camp last year, she wrote him a thank you and promised to one day give back as well and become a camp counselor. Well that happened much faster than we planned! This year she was asked to apply as camp counselor and got it! As she is only 16, we thought it would be a few more years, but this week she is off taking care of 5, 6 and 7 year old Type 1 Diabetic kids at camp.

Thanks to being inspired by Bret and Life Rocks Foundation!


image / Story: Alyssa Attends Diabetes Camp / Story: Alyssa Attends Diabetes Camp

On July 6, 2013, My friend who is a huge Bret Michaels fan found out the he was having a concert at a festival in Arlington Heights, Illinois and insisted that we go. So we got a babysitter for our children and off to the concert. My daughter Alyssa was upset that she was not going since she is also a big fan of Bret Michaels. She watched him on celebrity apprentice. She was amazed on his commitment to raising money for diabetes, since she has been a diabetic since 16 months of age (who now is 11 years old). My friend kept telling me that we will meet Bret tonight. I was ok, whatever, but she was determined. At the end of the concert, Bret auctioned off items to raise money to send children with diabetes to camp. We watched three items get auctioned off for a lot of money, and as a mother, I was very taken back again how much money Bret has raised for diabetes.

After the auction, we went near the back stage in hopes of meeting Bret Michaels. We ran into the guy that bought the hat of Bret for a large amount of money. So my friend went up the guy and thanked him for buying the hat. She told him that it was going to a great cause and told him about my daughter Alyssa and her situation about being a diabetic and how she loves to go to camp. Then I introduced myself and also thanked him, because I to as a parent of a diabetic appreciate the chance to get a break for one week and knowing that my daughter is safe is priceless. My friend asked the guy if he would take me to meet Bret (if bought an auction item you got to meet and greet) to thanks him for all that he has done and the guy did not hesitate. During our wait to meet Bret, the guy said that that was going to introduce me and that I had a story to tell and the guy did just that. So I introduced myself to Bret and told him about my daughter Alyssa and thanked him for what he has done and does for diabetes, and Bret then offered to pay for my daughter diabetes camp for this year and next year. I was in shock and could not believe his generosity. Not only did I get to meet Bret, but also received an amazing gift as well. Diabetes camp is extremely expensive and almost impossible to send my daughter to, so with this gift, it truly makes a difference in my daughter’s life, but mine as well. Not to mention the positive impact it has on Alyssa. I’m also very grateful to my wonderful friend that made this happen.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts

Kelly and Alyssa

photo / Story: Kenden Returns From Camp / Story: Kenden Returns From Camp

Dear Bret and The Life Rocks Foundation,

Thanks so much for sponsoring my son Kenden for diabetes camp again this year, he attended camp UTADA here in Utah. He was somewhat nervous about going again, but when we picked him up he was all smiles. All the other children that he met there all hugged him goodbye. I have never met such amazing loving children. Once again he has met some friends for life. We got to listen to all the camp stories for days. including all the new diabetes education he learned while he was there. The camp has been a true blessing for Kenden, he wants to become a camp counselor when he is a little bit older. I have sent in some pictures the one picture is Kenden and all the things he was given at camp, once again we thank you for the gift of camp.

Michelle & Kenden

kenden camp new 1