/ Story: Makayla Returns From Diabetes Summer Camp / Story: Makayla Returns From Diabetes Summer Camp

Dear Bret,

This was my 6th year of going to camp at camp Aldersgate where I had an amazing time! This year at camp my goal was to insert my own pump site and my mom was thrilled when she came to pick me up and I had done it all week! I know at camp I can be myself and no one judges me, we are all the same! I plan to become a counselor after my last year of camp, I want to be able to give back what others have gave to me when I was six and so scared! Recently a friend at school had been diagnosed with type one diabetes and mom and I reached out to help them, it’s amazing to be able to give advice and help others! I have to say thanks to my dad, you and my mom. I was
taught to give to others the amazing gift of hope! My journey began years ago when
it was just my mom saying “oh i don’t know about letting her go” lol, but I thank god for her allowing me to express who i am now and the life rocks foundation being created to help kids like me! See ya next year!


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