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Month: September 2013

PINKTOBER coverage

PINKTOBER coverage

Last night, Bret Michaels helped the Hard Rock kick off PINKTOBER to raise awareness for breast cancer awareness.

Here are links to press and photos:

More to come!

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Flashback Friday Post:

Here is coverage from last year’s PINKTOBER kick off (2012)” / Story: Kim Finds Hope For Her Daughter / Story: Kim Finds Hope For Her Daughter

Dear Bret,

I just wanted to share with you a photo of my beautiful baby girl who just 2 weeks ago was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. Her dad is also Type 1 for 23 years. I have been a Bret Michaels fan as long as I can remember and my little girl is also a huge fan 🙂

When she was first diagnosed, I was shattered. How do I explain to my little girl that she has to have needles everyday for the rest of her life? What kind of life is she going to have? Then I thought of Bret. Look at all he has achieved! Look at how wonderful and full his life is. Diabetes is not controlling him. He is controlling his diabetes! Bret has always been an inspiration to me and now he inspires us in a whole new way. Get got me through my darkest hour!

Thank you Bret, with much love from Australia!

– Kim

20130923-101550.jpg / Story: Trina’s Dream Comes True / Story: Trina’s Dream Comes True

Dear Bret,

My friend and I went to Nutty Jerry’s in Winnie, TX on June 22, 2013 to see your show. It’s about 2 hours from where we live and the show was great! My friend made it possible for me to meet you because she knew you were on my bucket list.  I have lung cancer and had my left lung was removed this past February 2013 and have been doing chemotherapy. You were so kind and we talked about you support of both adult and childhood cancer. You signed my scar which is awesome! I can’t wait to see another show and meeting you again!

You rock Bret! Cancer sucks!


2013062395000035 2013062395000135 / Story: Atlay’s Determination / Story: Atlay’s Determination

I was diagnosed at the age of 5 as a Juvenile Diabetic and I lived a very sick but happy life. I felt as if my diabetes was a blessing because I came in contact with so many people and as a matter of fact I became an inspiration to many, because I lived my life as if I was the healthiest person on earth. At the age of 36 which was 3 months before my wedding, was diagnosed with kidney failure along with the history of high blood pressure. I began peritoneal dialysis on my 1yr anniversary, and I did treatment for 1 1/2 yrs meanwhile, I began applying for the donor’s list for a transplant at several hospitals all over different states and on Nov. 3, 2012 which was my sister’s birthday, I received a kidney/pancreas transplant from Piedmont Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia. I have been blessed again to share my story with others.

– Atlay Phillips-Nelson


What causes are close to you?

What causes are close to you?

In September we go gold for childhood cancer awareness, orange for No Kid Hungry and recognize a myriad of causes that affect the lives of so many people.

For me personally, this month is about supporting the No Kid Hungry campaign which aims to eliminate hunger in America’s children.

For Team Bret Michaels as a whole, childhood cancer is something that we are working hard to raise awareness about this month.

What causes are you championing for this month or always? Share this post with friends and tell them about the causes you support.

The foundation of every cause is to raise awareness and you can do that by talking about your causes with your friends and online through your social media profiles.

There is a long list of charities that we support individually and as a team – pet charities, military support, heart health, diabetes, cancer, natural disaster and many, many more.

~ Christine, Team Bret Michaels

In remembrance of 9/11 in photos…

In remembrance of 9/11 in photos…

In remembrance of 9/11, the following photos are from Bret’s visit to the memorial site in New York City.





Bret and MEGI VP Janna Elias at 9/11 memorial site


Bret and tour manager Rob Stevenson at 9/11 memorial site


20130910-225011.jpg / Story: Aramie meets Bret by “Chance” / Story: Aramie meets Bret by “Chance”

My daughter Aramie has been Type 1 since she was 3 yrs old. She is now 9. She was thrilled to get the Bret Michaels “Chance” doll at PetSmart & even more excited to meet Bret. She made him a gift telling Bret about herself. As you can see, the experience wore her out! Thank you Bret for making my sugar baby’s day and thank you Bret for all you do for JDRF & children like my daughter. You are truly a positive example how diabetes doesn’t have to stop you from achieving your dreams & goals! Thank you for being so personable & sincere! Love ya!

Martina Ritger