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My name is Linda and I am from a small town in Minnesota. When Bret played in Rochester, MN on April 24th, 2013 I finally had the chance to meet him. I will explain a bit to as why that was so important to me personally. I took a bad way in life and 9 years ago I was able to get things in order and be a great mother to my kids. Nine years ago my motivation was that if I was able to get back on the right track that I deserve to meet Bret and it took me nine years to do so, but it gave me so much closure to that part of my life. The only regret that I have is that I was so nervous that I couldn’t really talk. I wanted to explain how much of an impact he has everyone. It was an experience that i will never forget.


Linda Deo

bret michaels / Story: Laura & Diane, Childhood Friends Reunited / Story: Laura & Diane, Childhood Friends Reunited

My name is Laura and this past August, my childhood friend Diane and I went to see
Bret in Obetz, Ohio. We had grown up loving Poison! We were recently reunited and
Diane just underwent a successful surgery for bone cancer so it only seemed right
that to celebrate we meet Bret together! The music from your youth always holds a
special place in your memories and Bret was a big part of those years for us. Even
more special to me now, Bret gives support to so many things that have touched my
life: diabetes, cancer, his love and support for our military men and women, and his
pet charities. My grandfather passed away due to complications from his diabetes, both of my grandfathers were in the armed forces, and I am thrilled to say that my mother is a breast cancer survivor! I also work in the veterinary field so the pet
charities make my heart incredibly happy and I have sent many pics of my dogs and
their Pets Rock toys in and thet were posted on Bret’s Facebook page! Thanks for
that! It’s been all the buzz amongst my coworkers at the vet clinic that my dogs are
famous because of Bret! In all seriousness, I do want to share a moment from the
concert in August. Bret had given my friend guitar picks for each of her children.
When he asked me if I had children, I sadly answered “no”. I didn’t give any details
other than that my husband and I were still trying and Bret must have sensed my
sadness and gave me a guitar pick for me and then he said, “and one for the baby to
come.” He has no idea how much that meant to me as we have had loss after loss. I
miscarried our first child, then twins, and last year had a tubal pregnancy. The
fact that I didn’t have to say anything more and he was so sweet to me without even
knowing about my broken heart. That meant the world. Just last week, only 1 month
after the show in Ohio, Diane and I drove from Ohio to Florida to see Bret at the
Hard Rock Hotel to kick off Pinktober in support of breast cancer awareness. Again
we did the Meet N Greet and I really wanted to give Bret something. Of course, you
are always so nervous to talk when you meet him so I didn’t get to fully explain the
meaning behind my gift. I felt like a bumbling fool trying to get the words out! LOL
I noticed he wears guitar picks on a few necklaces and I have a friend who makes
jewelery. I had a guitar pick from long ago when I attempted to play guitar. It was
black with a silver cross on it. I kept it all of these years. She was able to make
it into a necklace for Bret in the hopes that he would accept my small token of
thanks. He gave me a “guitar pick of hope” in August so I wanted to give him one
back. To me, the pick symbolizes hope and that “Something to Believe In” especially
after all that Bret has been through in his life as well. I was tickled to see that
it matched a few things in his wardrobe (He has a black hat with a silver cross on
it). He was so sweet to accept it and wear it during the show. I just wanted to
thank him for that even though I couldn’t spit out the meaning behind it. Though it
was a small gift, it was huge to me! I also want to thank him for all that he does
to give back to everyone, for his heart, for all of his charities, for his love for
his fans and for making us all feel so important, for his music that keeps us all
singing and dancing, for his inspiring stories of his struggles and overcoming, and
for his concern and kind words to my friend, Diane after her cancer scare, and his
kind words that made my broken heart smile and have hope! Thanks Bret! We love you!


Image / Story: Trina’s Dream Comes True / Story: Trina’s Dream Comes True

Dear Bret,

My friend and I went to Nutty Jerry’s in Winnie, TX on June 22, 2013 to see your show. It’s about 2 hours from where we live and the show was great! My friend made it possible for me to meet you because she knew you were on my bucket list.  I have lung cancer and had my left lung was removed this past February 2013 and have been doing chemotherapy. You were so kind and we talked about you support of both adult and childhood cancer. You signed my scar which is awesome! I can’t wait to see another show and meeting you again!

You rock Bret! Cancer sucks!


2013062395000035 2013062395000135 / Story: Aramie meets Bret by “Chance” / Story: Aramie meets Bret by “Chance”

My daughter Aramie has been Type 1 since she was 3 yrs old. She is now 9. She was thrilled to get the Bret Michaels “Chance” doll at PetSmart & even more excited to meet Bret. She made him a gift telling Bret about herself. As you can see, the experience wore her out! Thank you Bret for making my sugar baby’s day and thank you Bret for all you do for JDRF & children like my daughter. You are truly a positive example how diabetes doesn’t have to stop you from achieving your dreams & goals! Thank you for being so personable & sincere! Love ya!

Martina Ritger



20130909-083106.jpg / Story: Alyssa Attends Diabetes Camp / Story: Alyssa Attends Diabetes Camp

On July 6, 2013, My friend who is a huge Bret Michaels fan found out the he was having a concert at a festival in Arlington Heights, Illinois and insisted that we go. So we got a babysitter for our children and off to the concert. My daughter Alyssa was upset that she was not going since she is also a big fan of Bret Michaels. She watched him on celebrity apprentice. She was amazed on his commitment to raising money for diabetes, since she has been a diabetic since 16 months of age (who now is 11 years old). My friend kept telling me that we will meet Bret tonight. I was ok, whatever, but she was determined. At the end of the concert, Bret auctioned off items to raise money to send children with diabetes to camp. We watched three items get auctioned off for a lot of money, and as a mother, I was very taken back again how much money Bret has raised for diabetes.

After the auction, we went near the back stage in hopes of meeting Bret Michaels. We ran into the guy that bought the hat of Bret for a large amount of money. So my friend went up the guy and thanked him for buying the hat. She told him that it was going to a great cause and told him about my daughter Alyssa and her situation about being a diabetic and how she loves to go to camp. Then I introduced myself and also thanked him, because I to as a parent of a diabetic appreciate the chance to get a break for one week and knowing that my daughter is safe is priceless. My friend asked the guy if he would take me to meet Bret (if bought an auction item you got to meet and greet) to thanks him for all that he has done and the guy did not hesitate. During our wait to meet Bret, the guy said that that was going to introduce me and that I had a story to tell and the guy did just that. So I introduced myself to Bret and told him about my daughter Alyssa and thanked him for what he has done and does for diabetes, and Bret then offered to pay for my daughter diabetes camp for this year and next year. I was in shock and could not believe his generosity. Not only did I get to meet Bret, but also received an amazing gift as well. Diabetes camp is extremely expensive and almost impossible to send my daughter to, so with this gift, it truly makes a difference in my daughter’s life, but mine as well. Not to mention the positive impact it has on Alyssa. I’m also very grateful to my wonderful friend that made this happen.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts

Kelly and Alyssa

photo / story: American Diabetes Association Chicago Staff Attend Bret Michaels Concert / story: American Diabetes Association Chicago Staff Attend Bret Michaels Concert


Bret with ADA Chicago reps Sue Apsey and Mallory Dahlquist

A few of our friends from the American Diabetes Association of Chicago were on hand Saturday night to watch Bret rock Frankfort, IL and shared their thoughts with us…

Bret Michaels is an amazing man, he is warm, generous and understanding of the hardships of having diabetes. By providing scholarships and sending children to summer camp, Bret offers youth with diabetes an opportunity of a lifetime to learn more about managing their disease and meet others with the same condition so they do not feel so alone. We are so grateful for his commitment to helping these campers thrive and grow as individuals as well as diabetics.

– Mallory Dahlquist
ADA Chicago


We had a great time at the concert Saturday night. Lisa Testolin was so appreciative of the opportunity. As a mom of a Life Rocks Foundation scholarship recipient to send her child to camp, she felt honored to be able to meet Bret.

For Mallory, a Bret fan and so connected through the ADA, this was really special. Again, so many thanks for providing all of us with the chance to attend the concert and especially to meet with Bret. The concert was a great one and Bret is so warm and engaging to talk with.

– Sue Apsey
ADA Chicago / story: A daughter’s compassion makes a mother’s dream come true / story: A daughter’s compassion makes a mother’s dream come true


My name is Jessica Babcock. I am 16 years old and am writing in hopes you will help my moms dream come true. She is a HUGE Bret Michaels fan-she has seen him 6x all over the place including Tampa FL where she was in the frontrow!

I write because my mom is a young widow. My dad John died a few years ago from a massive heart attack, we found him collapsed in our bathroom where he hit his head. He was in good health and just passed a physical for his job. He had no health conditions. My mom has since raised my sister Belle (age 10 now) and I all alone. She has been my best friend and is the most patient understanding person. I developed severe PTSD after my dad’s death and have many Drs appts. My dad used to take my mom to Bret concerts!

Then shortly after his passing my cousin, my mom’s nephew PFC Michael Demarsico was killed in Afghanastan- (8/16/12) he was just 21. He stepped on an IED. My mom kept the family together – controlled the media and was the family rock. I know my dad is with Michael now. At the Bret Michaels concert the following weekend she cried through the entire set when Bret kept talking about our soldiers.

Through this all my mom has NEVER complained. I do hear her cry at night a lot, but she never shows it to anyone. My mom is a dance teacher and she just started a program for special ed children to dance! She just worked with a teen with MS – she choreographed a special dance from a chair – the entire audience was crying and on their feet. She gives to the community and kids- she also directs theater and works with children who can’t afford to participate and does it for free. My mom is amazing.

I would really like to make my mom’s dream come true and take her to a Bret Michaels concert. She NEVER does anything for herself it is always about my sister and I. This would put a smile on her face – even if just for 1 night.

Jessica Babcock



I don’t even know where to begin with thanking you and Bret for last night.
I had such an amazing time meeting Bret and enjoying the concert. Bret
seemed to really like my little one Belle right from the moment he saw her
while he was performing – he picked her right out while we were backstage.
She thought it was great he called her sweet baby and waved to her on stage
while we were on the side of the stage and then shook her hand. But of
course it was the after the show meet and greet that was just unbeatable.

People always say what you see on television is always fake, but not with
Bret, he is truly genuine and the conversation we had was sincere and just
overwhelming. I feel like a burden has been lifted off my shoulders. We talked about many things and my daughter captured some photos that are just amazing you can see the passion in his eyes to know he really means what he says. He talked to Jessie about her letter as well. He then told Belle she reminded her of Jorga! And gave her a special guitar pick from his pocket. She was so excited. He of course signed the photos we brought, which I had taken in Tampa Florida at Busch Gardens (which he loved and asked me to send to you. He signed my Bret Michaels Doll, drum stick (from Tampa) and show poster. He was just patient and kind.

Patrick- you have been outstanding dealing with my daughter and I during
this. You are to be commended. You have really made my dream come true. I
know you mentioned wanting to share some of this on the website, you do have
my permission to use what you would like. I am just so impressed with Bret,
you and his entire company and the level of professionalism. I have been
sharing it all over facebook (I have thousands of followers due to my dance
teaching and theater company so I am getting lots of comments and positive
likes!!!) I am attaching some photos of Bret with the girls and I from
last night!

Kristina Kennedy- Babcock



419640_10151307154780282_1817040676_n / – Music Helps To Heal / Lorie’s Story / – Music Helps To Heal / Lorie’s Story

Last year I was in a bad motorcycle accident, shattered 3 vertebrae and my right leg. I was in a wheelchair for 4 months, had to learn to walk again and I’m still trying to heal. Pretty depressing year, but when you came to Dubuque, IA my best friend’s husband surprised us with passes to meet you because he knew I was a big fan, that was the best gift ever! 🙂

Can’t wait to see you again next year!

Lorie 🙂

image / Story: Addison Gets Ready For Diabetes Camp! / Story: Addison Gets Ready For Diabetes Camp!

I have been a huge Bret Michaels fan since I went to my first Poison concert. I followed every album and enjoyed many concerts over the years.  I never
expected to meet Bret, nor did I ever expect we would be connected in another
way -Type 1 Diabetes.  My daughter, Addison, was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes on February 26, 2010, at the age of 5.  As a parent, it is heartbreaking and overwhelming when your child is diagnosed with this disease.  

It is a day in, day out job.  When Addison was in the hospital, one of the doctors asked me “Who do you know with Type 1 Diabetes?”  My answer – “Bret Michaels”.  The doctor went on to tell me that even though Bret led a hectic lifestyle, he thought he was actually a pretty good example! 

In August of that same year, 2010, Bret played a show in our hometown.  I was in a bad place at that time, trying to learn to deal with Type 1 Diabetes. I went to the show and did a meet and greet after. Bret talked to me about diabetes camp and what a good experience it was for him. That night he encouraged me to find a good camp for Addison and even offered to pay for it! WOW – you meet your favorite rockstar AND he offers to help your child. Unbelievable.  

Bret also inspired me to form a walk team for JDRF.  The name of her team is Addison
Rocks.  We do our best every year to raise money for JDRF or The American Diabetes
Association.  Addison is anxious for a cure, but deals with Type 1 with such grace. She is my hero.   

Addison was only 6 when I met Bret, so now that she is 8 we have found a Diabetes
Camp for her to attend. We will be leaving to take her to Camp Granada on Sunday.
She is beyond excited. We live in a fairly small town, so she has met very few
other kids that have Type 1 Diabetes.  I am so grateful for this chance for her.

THANK YOU BRET and Life Rocks Foundation!

Dawn and Addison


Addison is ready for diabetes camp!

AddisonRocks shirt

Addison rocks diabetes!

mom meets Bret

Addison’s mom Dawn meeting Bret / Life Rocks Foundation Story: Mark & Eric, Brothers United By Rock / Life Rocks Foundation Story: Mark & Eric, Brothers United By Rock

Any time my brother Eric Doyle and I have a chance to catch Bret Michaels in town we go. Bret always puts on a great show and we don’t mind driving a hand full of hours to see him. This time we drove from northern Kentucky to Indianapolis because Bret and his band were playing a show at the Indy 500 speedway where there was over 100,000 people . After Bret’s band performed another amazing set we got to meet him after the show. Bret is one of the coolest nicest and most down to earth rockers that you could ever want to meet . We can’t wait to see him again soon.

Mark Doyle and Eric Doyle