/ Story: Colton Bikes To Beat Diabetes / Story: Colton Bikes To Beat Diabetes

Colton Nelson was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes three years ago on 8/23/13. He was 12 years old at the time. Every year since, he has been involved in raising money for JDRF for research to find a cure. The first three years he has done the JDRF Walk for a Cure, but this year he stepped it up a notch. A very BIG notch.

This year he participated in the JDRF 100 mile Bike for a Cure that was held in LaCrosse, WI. Colton and two of his cousins successfully completed the 100 miles without any problems. It was a challenge in many ways, as besides riding the 100 miles on a bike, Colton had to manage his blood sugar numbers throughout the ride. He started out with a blood sugar of 350 and had numbers all the way down to 120 throughout the ride. He managed it well, tested lots, and replenished his body when he needed too. That is alot for a 15 year old to think about when riding 100 miles on a bike.

His whole family is extremely proud of all of his accomplishments throughout the years. The bike ride has him hooked and he’s already planning on riding again next year. He has started recruiting for more riders (especially his diabetes camp friends) and is searching for a new road bike. It will be lots of fun with hopefully many new riders next year.

We have included a picture of him and his cousins finishing the 100 mile ride. Way to go!!!

Shelly Nelson


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