/ Story: Kenden Returns From Camp / Story: Kenden Returns From Camp

Dear Bret and The Life Rocks Foundation,

Thanks so much for sponsoring my son Kenden for diabetes camp again this year, he attended camp UTADA here in Utah. He was somewhat nervous about going again, but when we picked him up he was all smiles. All the other children that he met there all hugged him goodbye. I have never met such amazing loving children. Once again he has met some friends for life. We got to listen to all the camp stories for days. including all the new diabetes education he learned while he was there. The camp has been a true blessing for Kenden, he wants to become a camp counselor when he is a little bit older. I have sent in some pictures the one picture is Kenden and all the things he was given at camp, once again we thank you for the gift of camp.

Michelle & Kenden

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