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Dear Bret,

Words will never repay you for the music you give us . Fighting horrible diseases like mine late stage Lyme disease sometimes I want to throw in the towel . I almost did, but something to believe in came on and you gave me something to believe in myself to keep fighting . You have battled diabetes since 6 years old than 2010 all that happened to you so I push myself to get better and when I seen you at Mountieer on May 25th . I was so alive I danced and sang in the isle. I lived for the first time in 12 years. I don’t think you even grasp the number of lives you touch with your music or with what you do for others and how you help people in need. Meeting you was a life long dream, but it was more than that. I had to thank you personally for saving me through something to believe in and still today when I feel I can’t take it from this disease I turn you on my iTunes and listen and it brings me out of that dark place. I will one day sit down with you and tell you my whole story and what I have been through to get to where I am today hopefully soon. With this diseases of Lyme disease if you wake up to the sun shining its a wonderful day. I just lost another lyme friend to this disease because of no medical help . I know you are aware of Lyme disease being from PA and all and camping as a kid. It’s brutal what it does too you. I was once a hyper person that couldn’t sit still I’m no longer that person but I’m pushing myself in the last 3 years I push myself to do what I couldn’t before. I want you to know that you are my hero and saving grace . You keep going no matter what you are an inspiration to all that suffers diseases and conditions there are no cures for. Please take from our meeting at Mountieer you are making more of a differnce than any star out there not just with money donated or time spent but with the gift of music. Wish I could get to another concert this summer but the next Ohio one I can’t drive so I won’t be able to because I know if I was rocking out I would forget I’m sick like I did at Mountieer. Thank you for bring me alive in more ways than one and I pray that god will grant me more time and I see you play again soon and get to hug my hero again because you are my hero and millions of others hero. I hope u remember me and never forget the woman that cried thanking you because you are an angel that is here to help so many and you did me without even knowing you saved a life my life and my kids are grateful to you. One day I hope to sit and tell you my whole story that I had to cut down because there was so much more I have gone through but another time and another meeting much love and respect to you Bret, nothing but love for you.

Lisa Changet


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