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I want to first and foremost thank Bret for all his years of making some
of the best rockin’ music of all time. I have been going to see him as frontman for
Poison since I was in high school.I have collected his CD’s, I have enough
merchandise that is priceless to me and have had the pleasure of meeting Bret. I
couldn’t be more proud of him, he is an inspiration to all who suffer in one way or
another.His platform to speak for those who can’t be heard, speaks volume on Bret’s
character. I litterly have seen him transform throught all these years for still
enjoying and rockin’ out crowds to visiting children in hospitals, sending prayers
to those afflicted by natural diasters and those who serve and protect us. He
deserves to be recognized for his kindness and taking time out of his schedule to
get awareness out and just to give a human being a hug and lending encouragement to those who truly are afraid and just need to told, I pray everything is going to be
ok for you and your family. I know first hand of a disease that can afflict a
healthy person, who has been active and one day, when usually it’s too late, you are
told, you will live with avascular necrosis the rest of your life. People in the
primes of their lives, are living in constant pain and can longer do the normal
simple things they once did. Usually a complete total hip replacement is the end
result, in our prime years, which will indeed lead to another when that new
apperatice needs replaced. I have this in both hips. So constant monitoring is
crutial. I know Bret is diabetic, but what’s important is awareness and management.
That’s what Bret does so well. May God bless him and I wish him continued success,
he’s my rock through music, and concerts, he helps ease the pain a bit to put the
biggest smile on my face, suffering with this horrible diasease. Every time I throw
in a CD or go see one of his shows. It’s my only happy time most days.Thanks Bret!




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