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At age 27 I became a part of the Type 1 diabetic community. In 2004 I awoke in an ER
to an orderly checking my vitals. I was told that by text book definitions that I
should not be living. I survived DKA. Since then I have devoted every thing I do to
spreading awareness and helping newly diagnosed and informing the clueless about
Diabetes. From participating in the Annual JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes, becoming a
board member of the Nevada Diabetes Association, refusing to hide my diabetes and
proudly shooting up in public, to getting a diabetic alert tattoo. I know this has
worked as I attend an adult support meeting every month and have been told by
strangers that they used to hide their diabetes until they saw me in a local park or
restaurant testing and shooting up before eating. I have had complete strangers ask
if they can watch me test and give myself insulin and they ask a ton of questions.
All which I am glad to answer. Aferall, knowledge is power. I am lucky to be alive.
I worry that my son might develop diabetes as well. He has become a diabetic warrior
himself. He is becoming a professional cook and his creations are all about healthy,
balanced diabetic friendly food. He also advocates diabetes awareness and is a huge
support when I am feeling down. Thank you for what you do!

Laura Warren


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