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Hi my name is Laurie and I have a story about my nephew who has type 1
diabetes. I call him my nephew but he is actually my cousin Tara’s son but we are
very close. Justin was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes at the age of 7. He is now
14 and on an insulin pump. I admire his courage and strength for having to deal
with this terrible disease day in and out. I too suffer from type 2 diabetes and I
thank god every day that it is in control and I am only on pills for now. I admire
Justin’s parents for their strength and expectations to do anything and everything
they have to do to help find a cure. Every year we hold a yard sale for juvenile
diabetes and all the money goes towards the JDRF in Boston, Massachusetts. This
family has been through hell and back already. Justin’s mom Tara suffered through
lymphoma and underwent chemotherapy treatments and is now cancer free. Justin has
had some set backs being a teenager and has suffered some low blood sugars causing
him to have seizures. I can not imagine finding your child on the floor in the
middle of the night face down moaning and that is how his mom found him one night.
Justin spent some time at Children’s Hospital in Boston and got well. Just more
recent he suffered from another seizure with his mom and dad present in the kitchen.
Justin’s dad Roger was seconds away when he collapsed due to low blood sugar and
fell on the tile floor hitting the back of his head and his mom and dad watched him
helplessly as he had a seizure. I can not imagine what that would be like to watch.
He was once again rushed to the hospital where they ran tests and luckily his head
and neck were fine. They kept him in the hospital to bring sugar up and made sure
the head injury did not progress into something worst. The entire family holds
their breath when we hear news like this because we can only imagine what that must feel like being a parent or a sibling which he has an older sister and she witnessed the whole thing too and it was disturbing for her to see. I can only hope and pray for a cure so no family has to endure the pain and upset this horrible disease can cause. I thank you Bret for your strength and courage through all your troubling times. I admire your constant fight to help raise awareness for this disease. I have always admired you and an your talents and I now especially think you are an amazing human being for all you do for the people that need a voice. I personally thank you for using your platform as an artist to bring this to light in hopes that one day there will be a cure. On that day we have you to thank for using your voice and experience to help others along the way. I only wish their were more people like you. I have always been a fan and would love to thank you for rocking my world. Thanks for allowing me to share my story about one courageous boy whom I love very much.

Rock on, your the best,



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