/ Laura Finds Inspiration In Bret’s Music / Laura Finds Inspiration In Bret’s Music

My name is Laura Odea Denlar I too have had alot of physical trauma as Bret and i give Bret kudos for getting himself well again. He inspired me after multiple injuries to get well again. I had a tragic accidents, multiple falls at houses i rented in Hamtramck, Michigan and the accident I had 7 years back which left me with degenerative disc disease, and multiple pinched nerves in my back, i had sciatica and neuropathy and could barely walk. I spent many hours listening to Bret’s music and his inspiration gave me the inspiration to go through spinal surgery just recently two weeks ago, I’m recovering greatly and I’m walking great and pain is no way like it was. My doctor told me either you have surgery or end up in a wheelchair in two years and there was no way I would do that I was so scared so with prayer and thinking of Bret and what he went through i had that surgery now in time I can play again with my 7 year old daughter Aria and my 10 year daughter Melody disabled with Autism and ODD. Thank you Bret for helping me make it thru this serious operation and to going on with a great recovery.



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