/ Lisa Doesn’t Let Diabetes Stop Her Olympic Dream / Lisa Doesn’t Let Diabetes Stop Her Olympic Dream

y name is Lisa Chrzanowski. I was born on July 26th, 1996 in Paterson, New Jersey and my home is in Kinnelon NJ. I currently live & train in Warsaw Poland. I am a student at the American International School of Warsaw which makes me what we call a “third culture child”, I was born in one place, live in another and study in a multicultural environment. I was diagnosed with type one diabetes in August 2007 in Warsaw while my family was vacationing there for the summer. I started riding when I was eight years old and haven’t stop even after I started battling diabetes. After diagnosis it was decided not to let me stop being active and it soon proved the right thing to do, even though horse riding and jumping in particular is dangerous sport prone to falls and injury, the health benefits outweigh the risks. I maintain virtually the same insulin to carb ratio and insulin tolerance since my diagnosis seven years ago, and my sensitivity to the hormone didn’t decrease, all of which is very good.

I am the face of an awareness campaign called “Together We Conquer Obstacles” My goal is to one day make it to the European Championships and perhaps even Olympic Games. I want to show the world that diabetes didn’t disqualify me at the start, but in stead made me healthier, stronger and more put together then before. I think that show jumping is allot like daily life with juvenile diabetes because the disease puts forth many barriers and obstacles in front of us, but with proper management, support and education those obstacles can be conquered without a fault. I often spread hope and support for all who think that diabetes just like riding is hard and difficult, I promote mental conditioning and I believe that the worst fear is not what will happen if I fail, but what will happen if I quit? If you ride or would like to start, don’t be scared.

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