/ Story: A husband inspired by wife’s strength to fight diabetes / Story: A husband inspired by wife’s strength to fight diabetes

My wife Jackey is a Type 1 diabetic and has been since the age of 18. Since then our lives have been filled with many obstacles from the
complications of this vicious and often ignored disease. It caused her career to end as the Neuropathies were so intense they were unbearable and nothing worked to relieve pain. There was no comfortable zone or moment in time for peace and no quality if life. Over 20 laser eye surgeries due haemorrhages in both eyes and the fear of blindness caused obvious stress.

We found relief for her through a regime of pain and nerve medications and for a decade this would be the norm of life. For a person who is so full of life with a heart of gold, who would give the shirt off her back to anyone in need deserved better. Now this is where Hope Strength and sheer Determination comes in. As bad as the pains and the stresses were.

Jackey’s hope for a better future gave her the strength to be determined enough to take herself off of the meds, self-educate about tight BG control and nutrition which lead to her return to her career and although Type 1 Diabetes will never go away for her at least she now has the quality of life she really deserves. I’ve watched her suffer through the bad times and I’m so amazed with her and so proud of what she has accomplished in life. A little Hope goes a long way. I love you babe!

Bret has been a strong influence for us with his tireless endless commitment to his cause and it’s felt across the globe because it’s from his heart. Thank you Bret. Never stop what you do for all of us!

– Brian


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