/ Story: Cindy Finds Strength & Inspiration / Story: Cindy Finds Strength & Inspiration

My name is Cindy and I am from Vancouver B.C. I really need to share my story with you. Beginning of May 2002 I was diagnosed with cancer which required very high doses of external radiation. 28 sessions to be exact and a final 20 hrs. of internal. All went well until a year to the date of being diagnosed, everything went downhill. May of /03 I ended up having a hematoma requiring my first surgery. Ever since, I have been battling with many surgeries (I can’t even count) countless testings and ER trips. I have been diagnosed with chronic kidney failure needing to go to the OR every 3 months since 2003 to replace the ureter stents. Then 2006 I had tubes put in my back to better keep the drainage flowing from my kidneys, thus needing home care nursing every Jumping back again I was rushed to the er this time with a 10 – 12 cm. hematoma, abscess & a (fistula) major intestinal problems, that had led to my first ER run to save my life). A 28 day stay. Don’t remember the 1st wk. as I almost died. I remember waking up to a colostomy & many tubes coming out of me! It was touch & go for a while. Only 30% of women make it! I was lucky but wanted to just die from the pain. Got through it but had many more rushed visits to er. (Sorry, not everything is in order here.) I also found out I have osteo/arthritis. I really never had a good support system. Had teenage kids at home who all have moved too far away with their own families. They r great but don’t want to pour too much on them. Even though I was in a unhealthy relationship It eventually split us up. It’s hard to fight 12 yrs. of medical issues alone. I have lost all my friends because of it. It really affected my sacrum to the point of pain & not being able to walk more than a few yrds. I can’t even dance anymore which was a BIG part of my life. I also found out I have quite a bit of degeneration of my spine too. From neck down. It just burnt so many organs in the pelvic area. Recently this summer I narrowly escaped dialysis. Reason I want to share this with you is because you have GREATLY inspired me to be a better person but more importantly to keep on fighting! I have come so close to throwing in the towel this summer, & a couple times before that when the pain was just too great. I have followed your music since your first album. Getting me through so many hard times and especially the very dark times. As this is so emotional for me I still need to share this with you. 12 yrs of fighting wrapped up in a short letter. Just this summer I was laying on the couch going through a pretty rough time (the very dark hours) & went on your fan page & read a letter from someone, (Lisa P.) & replied to it (which I’ve never done) & I really felt for her. Getting to the point, I heard your song come on, “Something To Believe In”!! I could not believe the timing of this song. Something in me happened & I couldn’t wait to tell Lisa about it! That song woke me up & made me realize Life Has To Go ON!! Lisa knew how I felt! I really need to change my way of thinking!! See Bret, through you & your music I’ve met a wonderful lifelong friend & because of you I am able to move on! I can’t tell you what an inspiration you have been to me knowing all that you have been through! Not just me but to so many people in this world & that’s why I can’t begin to express how your music & especially the lyrics means more to me than you will ever know! I know deep down in my heart in some way or other I will be able to tell you what a beautiful gift you have been to me. My biggest wish is to meet & thank you in person. I know you are playing in Coquitlam in 10 days which I was trying to make it to. Financially i just don’t see it happening. But I won’t be far from you. I will tell you more of my story, but later. As long as you keep making music I will keep fighting. You have given me Something To Believe In! You Rock! – Cindy Phillips


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