/ Story: Cathy’s Courageous Breast Cancer Battle #PINKTOBER / Story: Cathy’s Courageous Breast Cancer Battle #PINKTOBER

Hi! I’m a longtime fan. I have battled breast cancer starting May 11, 2011. I had a double masectomy. I can’t have any reconstruction and recently I found out I carry the brca 2 gene and had to be opened up to remove my ovaries. I’m one month out from that surgery. Eleven days before I was diagnosed with breast cancer I lost my mother to a rare kidney cancer. I had been taking care of her when I found a
lump. I refused to leave my Mona’s side. After she passed, I was diagnosed. I had
surgery to remove both breasts, 22 chemo treatments, 35 radiation treatments in total and lost all my hair.

Now I’ve been on tamoxifen for five years. My husband recently surprised me w tickets to see Bret in Houston, TX on Oct 5th. We live in South Georgia so we are flying in for the show. I miss his kick off for Pinktober in Orlando and I’m so excited to see him.

He is such an inspiration to me. Always helping others and can’t wait to see him.

Cathy Holt


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