/ Story – Stephanie’s Dream Comes True / Story – Stephanie’s Dream Comes True

We were at Klipsch Music Center in Noblesville, IN. My wife suffers from RA, Fibromyalgia and Lupus. She has trouble walking very far and for very long. Myself and son walked around back to where Bret was riding his motorcycle in the parking lot, he stopped to take pictures with us and talked to us like he knew us all our lives. I told him about my wife and how disappointed she was going to be having missed him. When I mentioned it to my wife, she started crying and couldn’t believe she missed Bret.

Then much to our surprise, Bret sent Patrick to come out and get my wife, myself, my sons and my son’s girlfriend and brought us back to where Bret was. He took pictures with all of us and talked to us all. I want to thank Bret, Patrick and Janna for all they did. My wife still talks about it because it made her so happy. We hope to see you again. We talked to Patrick and Janna at Carb Day and they are both great people who really take good care of Bret on the road and are so good to his fans.

Thank you for all you do and take care!

Your friends,

Kevin and Stephanie McCormick


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