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Dearest Bret,

I wrote to you about your hard work for people and kids with diabetes. Now, I come to you at a different angle. My Dad, Ronald Hugh Hall was a member of H-Troop 17th Calvary in the US Army from 1968-1971, when he went to his permanent resting place. He served a small time in Korea and 3 tours in Vietnam. It was upon that your, that he came across a land mine and was KIA. He saved 3 lives that day and it’s said somewhere that greater love hath no man than one that lays down his life for his friends. I was 3 months old when he was killed and 8 months old when he got killed. I play your song, “Something to Believe In” and think of my Dad often. When I see a soldier, I go up to that person and ask to shake their hand and I tell them,”Thank your for your unselfish service to our country”.

Thank you Bret for your support for our country’s troops, veterans and wounded warriors!

Rock on Bret! I love you!



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