Pet Rescue Story: Couple Rescues Sheba Who Helps To Cope With Loss Pet Rescue Story: Couple Rescues Sheba Who Helps To Cope With Loss

My fiance was in the middle of our street talking with neighbors when a tiny kitten of about 8 weeks walked up to them and started crying. They all bent down and petted her, but when it came time for the group to break up, she followed him home. When he let her in to show her to me we noticed she was blind in one eye and had worms very badly. The next day we took her to the vet. They were able to give us medication for her worms but nothing they could do for her eye. As we already had two cats in our small house we decided to take her to the office we ran in the mall to try to find her a good home. Many children wanted her but the parents shied away due to her blind eye. By the end of the day my fiancee had fallen so much in love with her we decided to keep her. Shortly afterwards our cats of 16 & 17 yrs old passed away. Sheba as we named her is the biggest love bug I have ever met and constantly wants to be held. She gives hugs and kisses like a human and everything loves her..human and animals alike…dogs, other cats. She even brought us home another stray whose owners abandoned her when they moved. Earlier this year our two daughters passed away. Without Shebas love and constant kisses, I am not sure we would have made it through that time of our lives. God definitely sent her to us for a reason.

– Jennifer

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