Story: Jackie Rescues Max After House Fire Story: Jackie Rescues Max After House Fire

2 years ago I rescued I adopted a puppy from the humane society named Max. A few years later, long story short I got divorced and moved out of the home leaving max behind because I didn’t want to take him out of the only home he has ever known. Fast forward to last year, Max who is now 11 was the only one home when the house caught fire and his Dad was in hospital after falling off a roof and breaking his ankle. Max was trapped inside with no way out until firefighters opened back door . He came running out, he suffered burns from his head ot his tail, his paw pads burnt, and he didn’t open his eyes for 3 days due to smoke irritation. With smoke damage to his lungs and the burns, it was unclear if he was going to make it, especially at his age. The night of the fire, I ran to his rescue, brought him home with me and nursed him back to health. It was touch and go for about 2 weeks, but I smothered him with love and kisses. He made a full recovery and continues to live with me again to this day. He is now 12 years old and in great shape for his age!

Another story, 3 years ago, I went to the humane society once again and adopted a 1 year old dog who was found as a stray, his name is Buddy. He was at the shelter for a month, seen his friends come and go, but they all passed him up. I just had to have him! Now he is living comfortable with us and is spoiled rotten. You have shown his picture on your website, I sent you a photo with his Bret Michaels bandana on. How amazing is that, he went from being a stray living in a shelter for a month to being “famous” featured on your site. I have enclosed a photo of Max and buddy with their new Bret Michaels bandanas. Thanks Bret!



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