Pet Rescue Story: Last Hope Nurses Homer Back To Health Pet Rescue Story: Last Hope Nurses Homer Back To Health

Being a volunteer at Last Hope I am proud to say we have rescued Homer!

Homer is estimated to have been born 4/30/14 and was found in July severely bruised all over his body from apparent abuse. He survived a horrible infection of Cellulitis from puncture wounds. Now he is recovering from a 2 hour long surgery he underwent 10/9/14. He was neutered and had one of his bad eyes removed that ruptured, but it was decided during surgery that “Homer” could keep the other eye, because even though he doesn’t have any vision in that eye, it doesn’t cause him any pain. He is now home with his foster mom and recovering very well in true Homie style. She reported that, “he ate, he pooped and he’s purring and playing like crazy!” He may have been found bruised and battered but you’d never know that now! From the minute he was found he purrs, he trusts and he loves.

Homer had under development of his eyes and he has zero vision. The surgery in essence was to close his eyes to prevent infection. Although Homer is blind he can find you, his litterbox, and his way around. Is there someone who will give this boy the happy ending he deserves???

To adopt Homer please contact our foster coordinator at or complete an adoption application at anyone of our PetSmart adoption centers.**


**If you would like to help find these animals a good home or adopt yourself, please visit: Anyone adopting an animal accepts his/her responsibility with respect to the animal. Bret Michaels does not accept the liability or financial responsibility adopting may create. All perspective new owners will be screened to find a mutually beneficial situation matching dogs to good owners.


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