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I started rescue one day when I passed by a convenient store that was closed for the night and saw several litters of kittens searching for food. I spent the next month trying to catch these wild kittens, getting them healthy, socializing them and finally, finding them all new homes. Last check to make sure I didn’t miss a kitten, I found another litter….so I had to repeat the process. Then I noticed how quickly the feral cats kept reproducing. I have to thank PETSMART Charities for giving a grant to my local spay/neuter clinic to cover the cost of several of the spays and neuters. After that colony of cats was under control, I moved on to several other colonies and repeated my efforts several times, encountering many very sick or orphaned kittens…staying up day and night with many of them. Then family members started depending on me to help them, next my local vet clinics called on me for help also, not only with cats and kittens, but dogs and puppies too. My vet was very supportive in giving discounts for my rescue efforts. While at the vet one day, someone brought in two, 2 day old squirrels. The person was desperate to help them, but didn’t have the time to bottle feed every 2 hrs. My first attempt at small wildlife was successful! I then rescued rabbits, shrews, and chipmunks. After that, I began to do foster care for my local shelters. As of today, I have rescued about 280 cats and kittens, 65 dogs and puppies, 2 baby rabbits, 2 chipmunks, 3 shrews, and 6 baby squirrels. I’ve done rescue for 5 yrs. I’m now studying to do ultrasounds, but plan to be able to carry my knowledge to the animals, of course.

R. Jama’l Rawls

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