Story: Sigourney Gives Meaning Of Pet Parent Story: Sigourney Gives Meaning Of Pet Parent

This year marks the 6th year we have had our furbaby Jasmine. I thank God for her everyday. In 2009, my husband and I were going through a rough time and weren’t really communicating much. It was our anniversary,and a friend who knew we wanted an animal found out through a mutual friend that someone had a dog they didn’t want anymore. Jasmine has helped us not only communicate better with each other, but she saved my life and my marriage. I was also very very depressed, and because of her I am here to tell this story today. After we moved into our house, we found out another fur baby who needed a good home. How could we say no?! So now, we have two fur babies, one of which saved us, the other who we saved from being euthanized. 🙂 I feel that without them in our lives, we wouldn’t be where we are today. My dogs are my children. I wont ever be able to handle having and giving birth to a child, so this is my little bit of happiness. As a “parent”, I feel it is important to be the voice of these animals. They are so fragile, and yet, bounce back like a bouncy ball. I know our second baby was abused before we got him, as he still kind of flinches when we go to pet him. All in all, I feel like my two dogs have really helped me, and I hope they feel I have helped them. 🙂

Sigourney Davis


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