Story: Sean & Fielder The Diabetes Super Dog Story: Sean & Fielder The Diabetes Super Dog

My husband has had T1D since age 4. In 2010, my then 6 year old son was diagnosed with T1D while at Disney World. We have become a very active family in the fight for a cure and awareness of T1D. One year ago, we got a Diabetic Alert Dog. She has been an amazing tool in handling their diabetes. She can tell us that their sugars are dropping before the meters recognize it. Since getting her we have become active in the Diabetic Alert Dog community and helping to fundraise for other kids who are trying to get a DAD. Sean, my son, wrote a book called Fielder the Super Dog and the proceeds are used to help other kids get their DADs. We took it a step further and organized a virtual walk (Sniffing Out Sugar Run/Walk 2014) to raise funds for other kids. We love that Fielder helps us manage Sean’s diabetes well and gives him a lot more freedom to play all the sports he loves to do (baseball is his favorite). Before Fielder it was a constant worry during sports because his sugars drop so fast and then spike with glucose. Last week Sean was at an all day baseball tournament and never went below 100 or above 200 thanks to Fielder’s help. Check out our Facebook page called Fielder the Super Dog.



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