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I would like to share my story of survival. It’s been a rough 2 years. First my Father passed away, then I was diagnosed with Stage IIIc Triple-Negative Breast Cancer. First step into the unknown, doctors were not sure if chemo would work, we were hoping we caught it soon enough. At the time of diagnosis I was working as a Special Education Assistant and it brought back memories of Bret. I share a bit of history with him, back in the 80’s he came to the school I’m at (I’ve been there a long time) and visited. He made a huge impact. He has not changed, his compassion and empathy for other people is overwhelming. Then he overcame such darkness, I knew I could too. After Chemo, a Double-Mastectomy, and radiation, the doctors say I’m a miracle. Cancer free as of December 5, also my wedding anniversary. I am blessed to have known you Bret at that time, and truly wish you all the best, and nothing but luck in all you do.



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