/ Story: Cancer Survivor Pays It Forward Through Dance / Story: Cancer Survivor Pays It Forward Through Dance

My name is Lore’ and I am the concept director and manager of Spirits of the Woods Performance Troupe. I have been a cancer survivor since 2006. Together with another cancer surviving friend of mine, we had decided to put together a 12 member theatrical dance troupe that performs for benefits and fundraisers of all kinds, because we felt that we needed to help others and to “pay it forward”.

Our first show was done for the animals and animal rescue sanctuaries that were impacted from the Black Forest fire in Colorado, last summer. We were able to raise a little bit of money to get pet/livestock food to these sanctuaries that took in the displaced and injured animals from the fire. And someone graciously donated some saddles, harnesses and heated water trough at our event. We will continue to put performances together to help support various causes whether it be for supporting a community event to raise money for their cause, cancer, MS, or any other illnesses, or anything to help with animals or wildlife.

Because of lymph node involvement from my cancer, I will probably always struggle with the thought of its return, but I’m staying strong minded and will continue to dance/act and create themed performances with the rest of my wonderful troupe to help others in need! Many blessings to all!



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