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Last August I was able to take my daughter to see Bret at Hampton Beach in NH. We were lucky enough to get his autographed hat & on his bus, it was the absolute best night of my life. I have admired Bret for so long and I absolutely adore, admire, respect & find strength through him and his music. That 20 mins he gave us his full attention, I was in such shock I could hardly talk. 2 weeks after I had 2 heart attacks in 1 day, I laid in ICU for 5 days and on my phone listened to Bret’s music and looked at his pics knowing all he has gone through and has fought, I found hope & strength. I was transported to MA General released 6 days later the pics I have from on the bus made me cry & smile every day. I have heart surgery for my A Fib and since then I have had severe blackouts just recently I had a bad one and fractured my skull, my brain is bleeding, I have a severe concussion and an acute concussion in my ear. With being on blood thinners the doctors say I am lucky to be alive, I know I am and there is not a day that goes by that somehow I find strength by something Bret does, or a song or just looking at his picture. Bret you are the most genuine, realistic, strong, beautiful hearted person ever and I want to thank you for everything you do and all the hope you give me & every one else! My parents know how much you mean to me so they have already bought my tickets to see you in May at Palace Theater in Manchester, NH I cannot wait! Hopefully I get close enough to receive another hug from you. I spray my pillows every night with your cologne, it smells absolutely amazing! I can’t tell you enough what you do for me on a daily basis just know I am your #1 fan some people say I’m a little too obsessed, I do not find that possible.



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