/ Story: Michelle Finds Inspiration In Bret / Story: Michelle Finds Inspiration In Bret

This is an update to how I am doing. We are 30 days from you performing at the Pima county fair in Tucson, AZ. I recently told you I have degenerative disc disease and degenerative spinal arthritis. I had back surgery 3 weeks ago and I’ve been doing all my exercises and walking around 2 miles each day. So far in the past month and a half I have lost 28 pounds and I can fit into my new dress I got just for this concert. I have one month to go and I hope to lose another 10-12 pounds before the concert. I thank you for coming back to Arizona and giving this gal something to believe in. I can’t wait to see you in person and hope you will sing my favorite song, Unskinny Bop!

Thank you for being an inspiration to so many, me especially!



Be sure to tune in and be a part of this very special event!


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