/ Story: Shelley Finds Inspiration In Bret / Story: Shelley Finds Inspiration In Bret

In my first letter to you in 2012, I had just returned from your concert appearance in Peachtree City, Georgia. It was one of the most memorable nights of my life. You are a fighter, a champion, and a beautiful talented soul with your passion for helping people and animals.

I recall in my first letter, I mentioned I was having health issues and pain, and from what at that time I had no idea, and I could barely get to the concert that night, but my determination to see you along with my husband’s help got to my destination. For I knew you would never be only 10 short minutes away from where I live probably ever again!

A year later, I write this letter to you after being diagnosed with post reactive hypoglycemia. This condition is a pre-diabetic condition that causes lows in blood sugar due to a reaction of certain “types” of foods after two hours or so of eating. It is difficult to manage and hard to catch the lows sometimes as they are happening. I become more afraid sometimes each day.

I was placed on medication and a strict diet to which I have adhered to. Unfortunately, things have started to take a turn for the worst. The medication is no longer controlling the lows and now I’m having spikes in blood sugar as well. Recently, I was put through another glucose tolerance test to check for Type 2 diabetes. Following the test, I got home only to suffer a severe crash in blood sugar in the 50’s for which I had never gone before. Thankfully, a family member was here with me as I spiraled downhill, and my husband who is a paramedic was called to come as soon as he could for help. I finally recovered that day with lots of the “right” foods and lots of rest.

Bret, as I type this letter to you with tears in my eyes, I finally understand what my Dad has gone through with years of diabetes. The struggles, the emotions, the ups and downs, the depression, all of it! You see my Dad was actually turned away from the military due to them finding out in his physical that he was suffering from diabetes and he had no idea.

Bret I know you are making a difference every day to win the fight for this horrible illness and I pray for you to continue the battle, for people like us, for you, for your daughters, for everyone. You have the ability to make a difference! You are wonderful!

For anyone out there who has been told by a physician that they are not at risk for diabetes by even having a family member with it like I was, please find another physician that will take heed, listen and test! It may save your life.

I think of my son each and every day, who is a theatre major at Auburn University (War Eagle!), and the possibility that he will one day be diagnosed with this terrible burden of an illness. We would all be thankful for a cure to finally end this potentially deadly disease.

Bret, I hope that you will one day make it back to Peachtree City, Georgia and it is my wish that one day I can give you a big hug and tell you thank you for fighting for me!

With love and and deepest gratitude,



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