/ Story: Local Hero Presents Bret With Military Honor / Story: Local Hero Presents Bret With Military Honor

The presentation was made after Bret’s concert in Texas. When I walked up to present Bret with this military flag honor, he had a very serious look and listened very closely to what I was saying. At the point I was ready to present the shadow box, he stopped me, grabbed some of people that were in the room and said “you have to see this, this is insane” and somewhat brought the room to quiet. I gave a short speech and then presented the shadow box to Bret and read the certificate and plate. Bret was speechless to say the least. We had a personal/intimate conversation for a few minutes afterwards, shook hands, and hugged each other. Knowing how much it meant to me to part from the flag, he promised to take good care of the it and honor what it represented. Bret said he plans on hanging it in his house. I asked him if we could stay in touch and he said “of course, you got it.” I do plan to visit him every chance I get when he is close to the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

Thanks again Patrick for all that you did for making this happen. I hoped this night left an impact on Bret and that he truly knows how much he is admired and respected by our men and women in uniform.

Alex Childress – Residential Division Manager




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