/ Story: Kylie’s Battle Against Diabetes / Story: Kylie’s Battle Against Diabetes

Kylie is an amazing three year old. When Kylie was two she was diagnosed with a incurable disease. This disease is life altering, and has made her dependent on medications for the rest of life. Kylie can not sense when she is feeling gross from the sickness because she is so young and still does not understand how to express everything she is feeling. Kylie has Type 1 Diabetes. It is a terrifying disease and is extremely hard to predict. At any moment Kylie’s sugars can plummet sending her into a Diabetic coma, or they can skyrocket sending her to the hospital for hyperlycemia. 1 in 20 people with type 1 Diabetes dies in their sleep from not feeling their sugars dropping to low. This is why we fight for Kylie. We fight to raise awareness, we fight for a cure, we fight to raise funds for a Diabetes Alert Dog for her. She brings joy and happiness to everyone that meets her. She is extremely intelligent and speaks like a 20 year old adult. She is very giving, and kind. Kylie deserves a chance to live the fullest life she possibly can. If anyone has the means and would like to, please donate at:

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