/ Story: 11 year old Maya gives back at an early age / Story: 11 year old Maya gives back at an early age

My 11 year old daughter, Maya, has the best heart. She is so kind and giving, even to strangers in need, and puts others before herself. Her grandma (my mom) is a type I diabetic and is still a huge fan of Bret’s, even at 63 years old. She and I have gone to 2 of his concerts here in AZ, one at the AZ State Fair and the charity concert in Phoenix last December at Celebrity Club Theater and had a great time.

Maya made drawings and sold them to family and friends last year to make money to donate to charity. She took $100 and chose 5 angels off of the Christmas tree to buy gifts for.

Last weekend, Maya had a garage sale collecting bags of clothes and toys from home and donated 75% of proceeds to 3 charities (Diabetes Association in honor of her grandma, animal shelter and Phoenix Children’s Hospital). She raised over $100 for each charity. My mom donated some of her household items for the sale as she was so proud of Maya. Attached is a picture of Maya at her sale last Saturday.

I am so proud to have a such a caring, selfless daughter at such a young age. All she wants to do it help people and even though she cannot do much, every little bit helps. I am so proud of her.

Bret is amazing with all he does, his charity work and his support of the military. Also performing so frequently while managing his diabetes. I wish the world had more giving people like Bret.



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