/ Story: Michelle Doesn’t Let Setbacks Stop Her / Story: Michelle Doesn’t Let Setbacks Stop Her

I’m a big fan of Bret and I have Type 2 diabetes and other health conditions like Chiari Malformation of the brain, fibromyalgia, neuropathy, arthritis and collagen disorder which makes my joints pop out of socket and that becomes very painful. I’ve also had a heart attack and five stints put in my heart. I always joke about my family’s list of health issues that someone did a ditty in our gene pool, lol. My Mom’s got MS, heart disease and is in remission from cancer. My son has autism, my dog has panic attacks and heart problems along with my health problems it’s a pretty long list. I’m fighting every day for my life and I’ve given up so many foods and I’m walking every day. Bret’s music helps me walk.

Thank you for all you do for people Bret!



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