/ Story: Guardians Of The Children Thank Bret / Story: Guardians Of The Children Thank Bret

Dear Bret,

I want to thank you for all you have done for my daughter Caitlyn and her organization (the Guardians of the Children). We did a meet and greet with you at the Emporium and of course even though it was her third meet and greet with you it was so amazing for her. I want to tell you her story and a little bit about what you mean to her. My daughter was the reason that we met the GOC. They have done so much for Caitlyn and her brother Richard. My daughter lives everyday talking about you Bret. We have copies of your cds in our cars as well as our house because she listens to you day and night and her reasons are that your music makes her pain go away. You have been so patient and amazing with her each and every time we have met you and words can never express what that means to me. We are starting to get a collection of all the pictures and things you have signed for her because as she calls it she wants a rock star room. I also want to sincerely thank you for what you have done for the GOC. You are truly an amazing person. Hopefully we will have a chance to meet you again someday real soon.

Keep rocking and we Love you!

Sincerely Caitlyn, Renee, Mario, and Richard, and Everyone from the GOC!


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