/ Story: Tammy Fights Her Way Back From Cancer / Story: Tammy Fights Her Way Back From Cancer

My name is Tammie Schooler I have been fighting AML acute myeloid leukemia. I was first diagnosed on 9-26-2011. I live in Topeka Kansas I had to go to KU medical hospital in KC Kansas. Thru genetic testing my aml should be cured by 5 rounds of chemo. By march 2012 I was in remission. This whole time I had to live in KC to get treatment. By the middle of August my blood cell count was going down signs of relapse. The end of August they did a bone marrow biopsy and I had aml again. I had to have a bone marrow transplant. I was lucky I had 3 out of 4 siblings match. My sister was my donor. On 9-13-2013 I had my transplant. By the end of November my transplant had failed. I couldn’t have another transplant till 4-13-2013. KU had just recently been awarded a research hospital status. So they put me on dacogen chemo to sustain me or put me in remission of leukemia. On 1-1-2013 I got really sick having heart problems hard to breathe I went to ER and was admitted to hospital for 8 days. The chemo killed my thyroid I am now on meds. By the middle of January my drs talked to me and said the chemo wasn’t working and I couldn’t have transplant till April. I could stay in kc and do treatments or go home and do treatments and do weekly visits to KU. I chose to go home. They set me up on palliative care a step before hospice and told me to do what I had to do. Enjoy life with family. I came home and my sister inlaw and I bought cards for my kids bday, graduations, weddings, baby showers and books I could read in my voice do they could always hear my voice. She also told me a story about a lady in Topeka taking a homeopathic remedy to fight her cancers. She had multiple cancers. The product is escozine blue scorpion serum. This dr in California was studying it on tumerous cancers but he had a plan for blood cancers. It doesn’t stop cancer but kills cancer in body. I bought the serum and took it to my dr’s at KU to make sure it wouldn’t interfere with my drugs and chemo. It’s all natural ingredients you get in food plus blue scorpion serum. They were skeptical but found no reason not to try. On march 7th my labs were looking good and they needed to see exactly how many cells I had of my sister so they could figure my chemo to kill her cells to get another bone marrow transplant. They took a blood test which takes 2 weeks to get results and bone marrow biopsy. After appts my husband and I went to lunch sitting across from us was a Spanish couple. Because my counts were low I wear a mask so Inbetween bites I but mask over mouth and nose. On their way out they stopped and the lady told us he was a Spanish healer priest and wanted to heal me. He prayed and healed over me and she interpreted he could speak english. 2 weeks later I went to get my results and my blood test I was 100% my sisters cells and bone marrow biopsy I was 98% my sisters cells. They call me their miracle. I believe thru chemo, prayers, escozine and healing priest I was healed. One of the research drs saw me in may and asked for info on escozine so they could get a sample to test in live cells. I brought them all the info they gave me and gave them a sample of my escozine. They are now writing papers to study and get a grant on escozine to use on leukemia patients. In June I had a car accident and started getting headaches it was 10 days and my dr’s did a spinal tap and found a small trace of cancer in my spine. Chemo causes other cancers sucks but to cure one may cause another. I did 10 rounds of chemo in my spine and escozine again and I am cancer free. Sept 13 was my one year anniversary doing yearly tests to see how my transplant is going. I feel great and look good too. I have set up a fund at US Bank called “Cancer Sucks Go Team Tammie” you can donate at any US Bank . We thought we could handle the bills but we can’t. I have 3 wonderful children and a husband of 23 years. I want people with cancer to be their own advocates and look into every possibility to beat cancer. My doctors were very skeptical but now they want to learn more. Cuba, china and costa Rico have been using blue scorpion serum for years and part of their treatment plan it’s not a guarantee but no treatment is. It’s your choice on treatment so get as much info as you can.


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