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Back in October 2012, I felt lumps in my left breast, so I went and had a mammogram. They hurt, so I decided they couldn’t possibly be cancer, they must have been a result of changing hormones (due to insurance no longer paying for what I was taking). They wanted me to have a diagnostic mammogram, and possibly biopsies, but I put it off since I had a new boss (worked at a major corporation).

Fast forward .. I do pet rescue, specifically cats, so in April I pulled a kitty, and again in May I pulled one, they were both going to be EU’ed the following day.

Then in June, June 3 to be specific, that boss I was trying to prove myself to still had no clue my value, and laid me off, on my 16 year anniversary. I then had two weeks to use up my flexible spending and get all my doctor, dentist and eye appointments done. I was supposed to be training my team to take over my job responsibilities, and I did, at first.

I went for the diagnostic mammogram, was immediately talked into ridiculously painful biopsies, and the next thing I know, I have stage 3 breast cancer, and they want to take my left breast in just two days time. I said no. I needed time. I put them off until July so I could prepare for major surgery. I live alone and only had care the first two days, so I had to be ready to take care of myself.

Long story short, all in one week, I get laid off, told I have cancer, and my precious furbaby (cat) Eden gets diagnosed with a fatal heart condition, at 2 years old. I was heartbroken.

My friends really stepped up, they started fundraising immediately, raffles, donation jars, a website ( ), an artist doll created of me, Warrior buttons, Save Second Base t-shirts and numerous other blessings. They are helping with medical expenses and Cobra so I could keep my insurance. Rennies are the best friends a person can have, and I am proud to be one (Renaissance festival participants).

I haven’t let this break me. I am staying positive, staying active and attending Renaissance festivals and activities with my friends every week if I am able.

Since I have no income and no savings, don’t want to lose my home and am not supposed to work till chemo is finished, I was hoping you might share my donation link.



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