/ Story: Mikayla Attends Diabetes Summer Camp / Story: Mikayla Attends Diabetes Summer Camp

Dear Bret,

My daughter Mikayla was able to attend diabetes summer camp due to your generous scholarship from the Bret Michaels Foundations. Diagnosed at 6, Mikayla is almost 9 and dealing with Type I diabetes on a daily basis. She is extremely happy at diabetes camp where she is “like the rest”, feels safe and can be the active and energetic near 9 year old you see in the pictures. I also volunteer as a Registered Dietitian for the week at camp and I love overseeing snacks and lunches for over 50 kids!!! I would love to devote my profession to teaching type I kids about managing the diabetes through nutrition! It’s all about the diet, isn’t it? But funding is difficult to come by.


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