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Liz’s Story: “Thank you for the inspiration”

Liz’s Story: “Thank you for the inspiration”

lizI went to your concert at Plant City 3/9/13…you rocked! I am JD x 26 years so although I can’t relate to your exact personal struggle, I know we have some common struggles and appreciate every day life has to offer. Thank you for the inspiration and I try to live every day to its fullest, but as you know, every day is a challenge. I want to personally thank you (and wish I could at the concert) for your dedication to JDF. We saw you in Biloxi your first concert back and will not miss a concert close to me in Tampa, FL. Thank you and keep up the drive! You give me hope every day!

Lisa’s Story: Believing in herself

Lisa’s Story: Believing in herself

Story submitted by Lisa:

I am a 38 year old wife and mom of 2 children. I had an experimental pfo closure done on my heart at one of the best hospitals in Wisconsin in 2001. I had to have it done, because like you Bret I had a small stroke and this was the cause a tiny hole in my heart that they never detected. In 2006 I woke up and felt like it was hard to breath, my throat hurt, and pain in my jaw, so I immediately went to the er telling them I thought I was having an allergic reaction. Little did I know the Clip they used eroded and came through one of my valves in my heart. In Waupun Hospital I had a seizure and flat lined due to having cardiac tamponode (bleeding out of my heart it was drowning). Somehow I came to and then they sent me back to the hospital that did the surgery on Flight For Life. On the Flight I flat-lined again and came to. Then I got to the hospital and while they were doing tests it happened again so finally they decided to do open heart surgery and fixed the valve with cow skin. While in surgery they let my family know i might have major brain damage when I come to due to all the times oxygen was not getting to my Brain. However I am alive and I have no brain damage. I am a diabetic, but I take pills not insulin. This was traumatic for me, but now being 7 years later I just graduated with a Cosmetology degree Feb 26th. You have to believe in yourself, accept things you cannot change, and know what your mental and physical limits are. Believe me I know it is not easy, but you can do it if I did! / Life Rocks Foundation Featured Story: Dina’s Story / Life Rocks Foundation Featured Story: Dina’s Story

Dear Bret,

Like you, I too like had a huge life/death experience. I got a 1 in 1 million rare sarcoma at my collar bone last October. It took me months to recover but now I am cancer free 11 months. I FINALLY got the pleasure of meeting you at your show in Ocean City, Md. on Sept. 22nd. What an honor & inspiration it was to meet you & talk for a few minutes about our health scares! You are an incredible advocate for so many causes. You have escaped death more than once like me recently. Keep rockin’, you are one beautiful man inside & out. Stay close to those gorgeous daughters & enjoy life WITH THEM as much as possible. The world needs your caring & generosity. You are one in a million!

Thanks for the hat & signing my jeans! Stay happy & healthy.

Until we meet again,

Luv ya,
Dina P.

Bret Michaels

Raise your hand, raise your voice to rock and help others. Tickets are on sale now for the 1st Annual “Bret Michaels Life Rocks Foundation Super Concert & Charity Auction” presented by PetSmart, Serenity Hospice and Palliative Care, and 93.3 KDKB Rocks Arizona.

Raise your hand, raise your voice to rock and help others. Tickets are on sale now for the 1st Annual “Bret Michaels Life Rocks Foundation Super Concert & Charity Auction” presented by PetSmart, Serenity Hospice and Palliative Care, and 93.3 KDKB Rocks Arizona.

Raise your hand, raise your voice to rock and help others. Ticket are on sale now for the 1st Annual “Bret Michaels Life Rocks Foundation Super Concert & Charity Auction” presented by PetSmart, Serenity Hospice and Palliative Care, and 93.3 KDKB Rocks Arizona in Phoenix, AZ on December 1, 2012 at The Celebrity Theatre! This charity event will be like no other and will sell out, be sure to get your tickets today as you don’t want to miss this awesome night! Join Bret and other celebrities in attendance, view and bid on huge event celebrity auction items including items from NBC’s Celebrity Apprentice, lunch with Bret Michaels and much more! Do not miss this historic event on this special, first time ever night to benefit those in need by way of Bret’s “Life Rocks Foundation” which supports causes such as diabetes, childhood cancer, wounded warriors, veteran’s organizations and pet charities.

Secure your tickets today before they are gone and make this event your destination. If you can’t make the event in person, please consider paying it forward by purchasing tickets and donating them to wounded warriors, soldiers, veterans, diabetic patients/families or other persons who would like to make a difference in the lives of others.

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Have fun, get it done. See you there…

Thank you for sharing your stories!

Thank you for sharing your stories!

We at Team Bret Michaels and the Life Rocks Foundation want to thank all who have submitted stories to the site.

Sharing your stories helps others know they are not alone and helps to raise awareness about a variety of issues that affect many people throughout the world. The more awareness we achieve and the more we achieve a larger sense of community, the closer we get to cures for all those afflicted.

It doesn’t matter your age, your stories are the foundation for awareness and, with your permission, we share them with others who need not feel alone in their struggles. The stories submitted range from cancer to diabetes to giving hope and celebrating life.

The mission of Team Bret Michaels is to help us all live well and live life to the fullest at every moment. We want to help find a cure for diabetes, cancer and many other diseases that affect so many people and families.

We have many, many more stories to post in the coming months, with many more coming in each day. By sharing your story, you may just inspire someone to make a positive change in their life as well.

Coming very soon to are community pages and pages dedicated to show support for our military both past and present. We will spotlight the charities that will benefit from the donations to the Life Rocks Foundation as well.

Keep checking back for new stories and information about everything that Team Bret Michaels and the Life Rocks Foundation are up to.

Stories and articles posted here will also appear in the news section of the official Bret Michaels smartphone app, available for iPhone and Android from the address below.

Thank you for all you do as part of Team Bret Michaels!

Raising Awareness

Raising Awareness

These pictures below were take at the Clay County Fair in Spencer, Iowa. This was a very special concert because I had just started chemo for breast cancer a month earlier. My family and friends decided to go to the concert dressed like Bret so I wouldn’t feel out of place with no hair. We had shirts made that said ‘Bret’s Girls’ and on the back they said ‘Fight Like A Girl’.

October is breast cancer awareness month and I think these pictures are a great way to bring awareness. I have finished a year of treatment which included surgery, chemo, and radiation for herceptin plus a 13 hr. reconstructive surgery. I am very proud to say at my check up last week the results of my PET scan shows I am cancer free!

Sue Logan
Pure Admiration

Pure Admiration

The first attached picture was taken the nite Bret and his band performed at the Wicked Moose in Rochester, MN on 12-26-11. All my co-workers surprised me ( for an early b-day February 11th ) by all chipping-in money so I could purchase a Meet and Greet with Bret that nite. I have attached the link below to view.

Everyone knows my Pure Admiration for Bret and how much he Inspires the Very Best in me. Bret’s Determination, Drive and Adrenaline for life is a Forceful Power trip that ignites your Very Soul. Being in Bret’s Heavenly presence is Breathless. Bret is the epitome of God.

The second picture attached picture was from August 2010 @ the Wisconsin State Fair, where I had my First and Greet with Bret and I was telling him about my accident which made our moments together bridge even stronger as he got goose bumps he said and he even went into details about his aneurism.

I was in a car accident leaving the Poison Concert in 2008 @ Jackpot Junction Casino where I was pinned upside down in the car and by the time they were able to cut me outta the car, I stopped breathing and had to be airlifted to North Memorial Hospital in the Twin Cities. I had suffered bruising of the brain, a split open forehead, cuts, bruises and a badly banged up body.

I completely Honor, Respect and Idolize, the infamous – Bret Michaels!

Angie Hinck

Jayme’s Meet and Greets

Jayme’s Meet and Greets

I’m a huge fan of Bret Michaels. I am a physician and the nurses call me “Dr. Bret Michaels” because I saw him in concert 6 times this year. Here are some meet and greet photos from 2010 and 2011. The picture is Jayme Hall, Bret and my cousin Julie Bigelow at Soaring eagle casino Dec 2010. The rest are Jayme Hall and my friend Mindy Kocisky who is battling non hodgkins lymphoma for he second time at Soaring eagle casino dec 2011.

Jayme Hall

Your Story: Melinda Rouse

Your Story: Melinda Rouse


by Melinda Rouse November 5, 2011

I was diagnosed with diabetes 37 years ago at the age of 9.I managed to overcome a million obstacles and have 4 sons. My youngest son Brennan was diagnosed with diabetes on June 22nd, 2011. It was the most depressing, life altering day of my life, but I give thanks that I at least understand every day to day challenge of this disease.And I have been successful in challenging our HMO insurance company to pay for an insulin pump for my son. (it only took me 4 months). Do you have any programs that help with the out of pocket expenses? I feel the need to help others fight their insurance companies with the words that empower them to win the fight.I have been a diabetic for 37 years,,I really feel that the pump saved my life. Love your music…love your diabetes–ness!

Your Story: Edward Rodriguez

Your Story: Edward Rodriguez

I met Bret Michaels by chance at the half marathon in Philadelphia on September 18, 2011. I knew about Bret Michaels, because of his music and because we shared something in common, we both had a Cerebral Hemorrhage. I was very excited to meet with him! I looked up to Bret for the courage it took to pick right back up from where he left off and continue his work after his hemorrhage. After our meeting, I started to learn more and more about how Bret is making so much of a difference in the lives he is able to touch with his fame. Here is a man that has been dealt many challenges in his life and yet he chooses to take those challenges and affect the world in such a positive way! One of the things I didn’t know was that we also shared something else in common and that is Diabetes, in 2004 I learned that I have type 2 Diabetes and I have been fighting it ever since.