Thank you for sharing your stories!

Thank you for sharing your stories!

We at Team Bret Michaels and the Life Rocks Foundation want to thank all who have submitted stories to the site.

Sharing your stories helps others know they are not alone and helps to raise awareness about a variety of issues that affect many people throughout the world. The more awareness we achieve and the more we achieve a larger sense of community, the closer we get to cures for all those afflicted.

It doesn’t matter your age, your stories are the foundation for awareness and, with your permission, we share them with others who need not feel alone in their struggles. The stories submitted range from cancer to diabetes to giving hope and celebrating life.

The mission of Team Bret Michaels is to help us all live well and live life to the fullest at every moment. We want to help find a cure for diabetes, cancer and many other diseases that affect so many people and families.

We have many, many more stories to post in the coming months, with many more coming in each day. By sharing your story, you may just inspire someone to make a positive change in their life as well.

Coming very soon to are community pages and pages dedicated to show support for our military both past and present. We will spotlight the charities that will benefit from the donations to the Life Rocks Foundation as well.

Keep checking back for new stories and information about everything that Team Bret Michaels and the Life Rocks Foundation are up to.

Stories and articles posted here will also appear in the news section of the official Bret Michaels smartphone app, available for iPhone and Android from the address below.

Thank you for all you do as part of Team Bret Michaels!

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