Story: Bret Michaels Teams With A.J. Hawk To Help Sofia & Vincent Story: Bret Michaels Teams With A.J. Hawk To Help Sofia & Vincent

Update 6/8/17: We are happy to report Sofia’s cancer is in remission and she is doing great!

Update: We received these photos as a follow up to the story we did below just before the holidays where Bret Michaels’ Life Rocks Foundation and good friend A.J. Hawk’s Locks For Kids teamed up to help two awesome kids. 
Just today one of the children, Sofia (aka Moo) received her wig. So happy for Moo and a huge thank you to Hawk’s Locks, our friends at Gemini Salon and Spa in Kenosha, Wisconsin, Kelly Ferro for the cut and style, and Leslie Thomas Zevnik at Wigs For Kids.

For more info and how you can donate to Bret and A.J’s respective foundations to continue helping other children visit the following links below. – Team Bret 

Bret’s Life Rocks Foundation @

A.J.’s Hawk’s Locks For Kids @

In the spirit of the holiday season, we’d like to share with you the following stories of hope, compassion in helping others and the off chance that two people can positively affect each other without even knowing it. Meet Sofia and Vincent, two children battling illness and circumstances beyond their control. Oddly enough, these children have never met each other nor have they ever spoken a word to the other, but their stories are linked together by way of two great friends in musician Bret Michaels and NFL linebacker A.J. Hawk through their respective charitable foundations.

Bret MichaelsLife Rocks Foundation recently met a spunky, outgoing 8 year old girl named Sofia who is battling lymphoblastic leukemia and because of intense treatments had lost all of her hair. Sofia’s fight with leukemia hasn’t been an easy one, but she remains strong receiving an outpouring of support from great family, friends, hospital staff and doctors. Even at 8 years old, Sofia has learned the meaning of paying forward certain gifts and toys she has received in an effort to brighten the day of another child going through the same thing she is. Sofia’s only wish, other than to beat leukemia, is to receive a wig.

Being that Bret and A.J. are great friends, Bret and his Life Rocks Foundation reached out to A.J. and his Hawk’s Locks For Kids foundation to see if they could help Sofia’s wish could come true. Without hesitation Hawk’s Locks For Kids went to work making this wish a reality and just recently Sofia had measurements taken for her new wig that she will receive in the coming weeks.

During the initial contact between Bret’s and A.J.’s foundations, Life Rocks met Vincent through Hawk’s Locks For Kids. Vincent is a vibrant, outgoing, awesome 13 year old boy who is living with Type 1 diabetes and autism. Bret, who is a Type 1 childhood diabetic himself, formed his Life Rocks Foundation out of necessity. One of the initiatives of Life Rocks is to cover the cost to send children living with diabetes to summer camp each year. In addition, Bret’s Life Rocks Foundation helps in teaching others how to manage their diabetes while raising awareness. With that being said Bret Michaels’ Life Rocks Foundation is sending Vincent to diabetes summer camp in 2016.

Huge thank you to A.J. Hawk’sHawk’s Locks For Kids” and Wigs For Kids on bringing their foundations together with Bret’s Life Rocks Foundation to get it done for these children.

We encourage you, if you have the means, to please consider making a donation to each of their great charities to continue helping great children like Sofia and Vincent. – Team Bret

Click here for more info and how you can donate to Bret Michaels’ “Life Rocks Foundation”.

Click here for more info and how you can donate to A.J. Hawk’s “Hawk’s Locks For Kids”.

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Also if you have the means and would like to, please consider donating to the Bret Michaels Life Rocks Foundation by clicking HERE. To the many who have donated, we thank you all very much!

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