Story – Halle Thanks Bret For Sending Her To Diabetes Summer Camp Story – Halle Thanks Bret For Sending Her To Diabetes Summer Camp

Dear Bret Michaels,

As parents of an eight year old diabetic, Halle, we want to thank you for sending Halle to Diabetes Camp this upcoming summer. Halle is looking forward to camp but she is also a reserved gal and when we ask her questions about it, she is concise and matter-of-fact.

So, we asked Halle “why do you want to go to camp?” Halle’s blue eyes lit up and a big smile appeared. Halle replied, “it’s fun!” We prodded with “what’s fun?” and all she could say was “EVERYTHING!” Diabetes camp means SO much to our family. Why? First and foremost, as her parents, we know that the ADA sponsored camp has well-trained staff that know and understand how to care for Halle’s needs. As for Halle, when questioned what does diabetes camp mean to you? Halle stated, “I can focus on the fun.” At camp, Halle loses herself in the excitement yet feels supported by the staff and environment.

Halle has been a diabetic since preschool; moreover, diabetes is a journey that brings both successes and struggles. When Halle was asked to describe her diabetic struggles, she responded in a stern voice with “when EVERYONE gets to have cake and I have to wait because I’m like 257!” One of the blessings is sharing the same condition with her best friend Addison. They understand each other. Luckily, they are in the same school and had the opportunity to present a diabetic presentation to their entire third grade (on World Diabetes Day- November 14th). The girls wanted to bring more diabetic awareness to their school. When preparing for their presentation, the girls looked up Bret Michaels on the internet and felt inspired by his t-shirts that showed mathematically how many injections he has received in his lifetime. Halle and Addison made their own poster with their personal stats for the school presentation.

We are all grateful for Bret Michaels and The Life Rocks Foundation. Thank you for your advocacy of diabetic awareness. Thank you for supporting youth programing. Halle says, “thank you for letting me go to camp.” Yes, thank you Bret Michaels! Halle’s life rocks because of you!

Brad and Tonya Kolenda

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