Pet Rescue Story: Bonnie Adopts Ralphie! Pet Rescue Story: Bonnie Adopts Ralphie!

My son is doing an internship at a place called Animal House, which is where dogs and cats are sent from the pound so that they are not put to sleep. Anyways, my son was telling me stories about the dogs and I decided I wanted to go take a look. My other dog Tiberius seemed depressed after Dargo left, which was my son’s ex-girlfriends’ dog. My mom and I went down to Animal House to look at the dogs and as we walked through looking at the dogs which were all so precious we came upon a pen where there were several puppies and before I knew it there was this pup named Ralphie who started waving his paws, “like take me please”. I immediately said, “this is the one” and my son smiled. We got to take the dog to the family pen where we got to spend time with him. I wondered about Tiberius and was worried if he would be ok with this pup so I went back home picked Tiberius up and went back to the Animal House and they brought Ralphie out to the pen where we spent time together. Next thing I knew I was putting the $25 down to adopt the pet and they told me to return on Sunday with the rest of the money after Ralphie got fixed and got a chip put in. Needless to say we are now the proud owners of this cute little Chorgy named Ralphie. He is my Christmas to all my family but really my dog.. LOL! He loves sleeping right next to me. By the way he is sporting a Bret Michaels collar from the Pets Rock collection at Petsmart.

Bonnie Lynn Katzell Muench


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