Story: Kirkland Returns From Diabetes Camp, Gives Thanks To Bret Story: Kirkland Returns From Diabetes Camp, Gives Thanks To Bret

Hello Mr. Edwards,

I just want to send a HUGE THANK YOU to Bret Michaels for sponsoring my son to go to diabetic camp. And a HUGE THANK YOU to you as well for taking care of all the preparations. My son was at camp this past week, picked him up from camp this morning. It was his first time and he LOVED IT. It brought tears of joy when he told me how much he loved it, the enthusiasm he had when talking about it was amazing. He is 14 and going to be a freshman in high school, and this past year has been a struggle for him with having diabetes, there’s days where he just don’t want to deal with it. The camp had speakers that came in and told their stories, and my son said a lot of things opened his eyes. I truly hope so. All in all it was a wonderful experience and I truly Thank Bret Michaels and you again from the bottom of my heart. We are hoping to see Bret in a few weeks when he comes to Columbus for the health and fitness expo. My son told me today I have to Thank Bret Michaels for sponsoring me for camp.

God Bless you both.
Tammy Harris

Photos: My son Kirkland with his camp counselors Matt and Nate.



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