Story: Lane Returns From Diabetes Summer Camp Story: Lane Returns From Diabetes Summer Camp

Bret, Patrick, and The Life Rocks Foundation,

Lane has returned from his very first year at diabetes camp and it is all thanks to you. Lane really liked the swim party, fishing, and the rock wall. Most of all he can not stop talking about all the new friends that are just like him. With Lane being 8 years old and he was diagnosed at 5 years old he has often struggled with the I am the only one and I am not normal feelings. His visit to camp gave him that I am normal feeling as there was no one there that stopped to stare when he was checking blood sugars and doing site changes for his pump because everyone there was doing the same. Lane can not wait to go back next year to continue to build friendships with kids who are just like him. Lane’s most unfavorite thing at camp was he had to try new foods, he is a very picky eater and camp rules are you have to try 2 bites of the main meal before you could have a peanut butter jelly sandwich, which he would live off of he could. We are forever great full for your sponsorship in sending him to this camp.

Thank you again for all that you do for these kids,

Lane and family


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