Story: Bill & Kellie’s Story Of Survival Story: Bill & Kellie’s Story Of Survival

Our story is not only a tale of survival, but of redemption. One year
ago, on our way home from work on a Saturday night, my wife and I were struck
head-on, by an oncoming car at speeds in excess of 60 mph both ways. For whatever
reason, a lady crossed the center line and the rest, as they say is history.
My knee was smashed into literally a hundred pieces. I was barely able to talk
the Dr. out of amputation. Kellie was not so lucky. She had two broken legs, one
arm, shoulder, she lost half the teeth in her head and broke part of her jawbone.
But worse,she suffered major lacerations to her liver. For the next two days, she
was given no chance of survival, as she was losing blood as fast as they could put
it in her. I hit my good knee and began to pray like I had never prayed before.
Eventually she stabilized and after about a month, she was sent home to, in all
likelihood, be disabled for the rest of her life and I surely would never walk on
my own again.

Of course, as soon as the accident, we lost our rental home and due to the nature
of her accident and my handicap, we had to live with our respective families. We
kept in touch via phones and internet, occasionally having someone take me to visit
her and our four year old son. I missed her every time I closed my eyes. I have
been Bret Michaels fan since Junior High and even though my wife is ten yrs my
junior, she acquired the taste from me shortly after we met. Her favorite song was
All I Ever Needed. To pass time, I picked up my old guitar and started playing
around. Then I decided to make her a video because she is the only person in this
world who likes to hear me sing. I managed to piece the song together via internet
how to’s and it was awful. But she loved it. It made me feel like music could be
the secret weapon in my recovery and in turn, I could use it to help her, but just
playing wasn’t good enough.

I had such an overwhelming desire to thank God for sparing us. As it happens an old
friend was leading a praise and worship band at a church. So I started practicing and
praying. Eventually Kellie improved enough that she was able to move back in with me
and as my leg healed, I gained strength, going from wheelchair to walker to crutches
and then a cane. Kellie’s bones healed and her liver is regenerating. Her teeth
were fixed. She is still as beautiful to me as the day I met her. I get to wake up
in the morning as see her smiling at me, and that gives me enough strength to move
mountains and with each passing day our love grows as well as our faith. Proud
to announce that as of today, one year later, we both walk without canes, we both
work full time jobs and every week we rock that church and praise the God who
loved us enough to keep us around.

Bill and Kellie


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