/ Story: A Mother & Daughter Diabetes Support Team / Story: A Mother & Daughter Diabetes Support Team

I was diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes at the age of 4. It was the toughest time in mine and my family’s life, as it is for all children and the people who love them. One of my hardest times was in the hospital. It was hard for me to understand that every shot and finger poke was not the last one. That this was now a part of my new life. I looked at my mom with big tears in my eyes and said “Mom, I can’t do this,” and my Mom replied with bigger tears in her eyes and said “Yes, you can!” And I have!

That was 10 years ago and now I am a healthy and happy 13 year old girl. I Am a great student and gets good grades, I dances in competitions and have won numerous rewards, I loves to be involved in the diabetic community doing the JDRF walks and attending the FCYD camps. And working with my mom and her club meeting with newly diagnosed kids at the hospital. And if you asked me today if I minds having diabetes, I will say, not really…..

Kindra and her mom Karri


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