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The summer of 2007 greeted me with unbelievable thirst. I was drinking a gallon of milk and a gallon of iced tea and still so thirsty. So very thirsty. I thought nothing of it. It was summer. We were a young active family and doing a lot.

It wasn’t until I was driving home with my two young kids in the car and I could not get eyes to focus. Everything was fuzzy. Talk about scary. I got my husband to take me to the pharmacy to pick up a diabetes test kit. Two hours after dinner I tested and was 568. Very high. Called the doctor the next day. He didn’t even send me off for more testing. Just said “Yep, you’re diabetic.” He fluffed it off and put me on medication. I took on his reaction. And just went about my business. I lived my life. I only sort of took care of my diabetes. I figured I’d be some old lady before anything too horrible happened to me. So not true. Was I ever foolish.

In 2013, I started to get pins and needles in my feet. Then it quickly progressed to burning when I walked. This is so not good. What have I done?
Off to the doctors. (A new one.) She did an in office a1c test. The results were staggering, heart stopping. 12.1%. This is really bad. I almost cried right then and there. I was so scared. She sent me off to see an endocrinologist.

He set up a whole team for me. Ain’t I a lucky girl? We all worked closely together to get my health back in check. And to save my feet. It was a massive undertaking.

I changed the way I ate. I change the way I looked at exercise. I completely changed my life. I finally started taking my diabetes seriously. Now, a few short months later (5 to be exact), my a1c is 5.8%. And my feet have been saved. It has all been worth it.

I am a lot healthier. And happier.
I hope story can help others.



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