/ Story: Laura Battles Breast Cancer Through Music & A Pink Mohawk! / Story: Laura Battles Breast Cancer Through Music & A Pink Mohawk!

September 25, 2010 I was diagnosed with aggressive stage 3 Breast Cancer. I started my chemo in December 2010 which was pretty much all of my summer back and forth to the hospital every week for my chemo treatment and shots. September 2011 I had bi-lateral mastectomy with reconstruction (8 hours in surgery). The pain I endured after surgery I can’t begin to describe, followed by 8 weeks of intense radiation, but I got through it. How I got through all of this was through music. Every time I went for a treatment I would have my phone charged and put my headphones on and sing to the music, when I got home later on that night I would watch videos on my computer. Music saved my life, I felt happy when I sang and it made me forget everything I was going through. I truly feel if you are going through any illness the best way is to stay positive, do positive things and even make light of what your going through. My photo is when I decided to shave my head before all my hair fell out and made a pink mohawk!



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