/ Story: Chad Fights Against Cancer In Honor Of Family & Friends / Story: Chad Fights Against Cancer In Honor Of Family & Friends

So growing up with a disability, I learned about being behind the eight ball, but my mom was always there for me. She was there for me whenever I had to have any type of surgery….She was there when I lost two friends in high school in back to back years, including my BEST friend my junior year. I remember meeting Bret after a show in Charleston and talking about how much life sucks when you lose your best friend, something that we could identify with each other on.

Well, fast forward 20 years later, and after losing 3 grandparents and my mom to different forms of cancer, I’ve decided I wanna do something about it! I had been doing an annual fundraiser for American Cancer in honor of a friend who had Non-Hodgkins, but after seeing the struggles that mom went through, I decided it was time I step it up.

Back in the summer, I started my own business, called the 3 Betties Foundation, to work with the local cancer patients/families in the area by offering the services that either aren’t out there, or that are underfunded because of the budget cuts. I designed it that way to honor my mom and two other special ladies in my church family who played a part in my upbringing.

I’m having trouble getting fundraisers off the ground, but I know if I keep plugging away, it will eventually work out! My momma raised me not to give up.

– Chad


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